Come on body, move your parts, indeed. Happy Monday, team. Still alive? Heart still beating in your chest? Hopes and aspirations still coursing through your mind? Good. Then let’s pick up the pace. Knees high. (Via WreckAndSalvage.)

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  1. Please tell me the guys in the back left and right were wearing Skidz.

  2. If the look on my face right now were a comment, it would get all of the upvotes.

  3. Break it down.

  4. I bet nobody ever asks this guy where he gets his ideas.

  5. Those guys really aren’t trying very hard to grab anything.

  6. Will Ferrell looks good in a mustache.

  7. I’m trying to follow them, but no matter how hard I work I can’t get those video effects to happen in my living room! What am I don’t wrong?

  8. Also, Orange Girl at 2:03 has the most weak-ass biceps I’ve ever seen in a workout video. Nothing to grab there. Not motivational.

  9. my blood has been pumping since 4am when arnold schwarzenegger showed up at my house and insisted on pumping me up. he wont let me leave. SOS.

  10. i can’t decide if i am hopeful or terrified that the instructor actually has that voice in real life.

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