• Please read this article about 1/3 of the audience storming out of the Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie showing at Sundance. You will like it! -EW
  • And the movie is apparently also available OnDemand, and for rental on YouTube? You can RENT MOVIES on YOUTUBE? See it & storm out of your own apartment. -Philebrity
  • Uhoh, bad news — pretty much nobody is watching NBC comedies anymore? What’s the deal with that? Don’t people like to LAUGH? -TVByTheNumbers
  • Oh here’s a bit of good news, though. For those of you who have been desperately seeking a piece of dried glue that’s kind of in the shape of Homer Simpson (KIND OF), it now can be yours! For the low price of about $235,000! -BuzzFeed
  • 2012 Academy Award nominees recast with dogs. WHY NOT? TGIF! -ONTD
  • Wait, so Oprah ISN’T Blue Ivy’s godmother?! I’m not sure if I can live in a world in which Oprah is NOT Blue Ivy’s godmother. This is devastating news. -TVNewser
  • Here’s a video of a guy playing ’90s hits on his melodica for nearly seven minutes. Does that sound like something you want to watch, maybe? Everybody dance now! TGIF AGAIN! -TheDailyWhat
  • A Toddlers and Tiaras mom is suing The Huffington Post, TMZ, and The Daily Mail for “sexualizing” her daughter by running a video of her daughter singing ”I’m Sexy And I Know It” at a club in NYC. LOL. Good mom! Hope she wins! -Dlisted
  • Do you think Michael Fassbender’s penis cost him an Oscar nom? An Oscar nomnomnom? Hahah. Ugh, that was gross. Good thing the internet’s not forever! TGIF! -FilmDrunk
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  1. Is anyone else torn because they want to support Tim and Eric but paying $10 to stream a movie online is insane?

  2. Dear GOD, tell me I’m not reading this right and Rob Schneider’s Rob is not really doing better than Parks & Rec. When will the 2012 apocalypse happen already?

  3. I do agree that Michael Fassbender’s penis……………..I’m sorry, what were we talking about again?

  4. I stayed up until midnight and watched B$M the second it came out. I loved it…though obviously I’m predisposed to loving it as I was enough of a fan to watch it right away.

    Pro Tip: I signed up for a VUDU account to watch the movie, and got a 5.99 credit for signing up (no CC required) The movie cost 5.99 to rent in HDX

  5. I wish ‘War Dog’ was a real movie SO BAD. Trench warfare has never been so much fun! There would be no scolding!

  6. I want to think of an equally terrible play on words for Carrie Mulligan’s full frontal nudity in Shame, but I…

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