Deadline is reporting that NBC is preparing an Office spin-off show about Dwight Schrute’s beet farm. It’s going to be called Joey WHOOPS I MEANT DWIGHT OBVIOUSLY I MEANT DWIGHT.

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  1. This only makes a spin off series about Andy Dwyer all the more plausible.

    • I think this would be fun. His family sounds insane. If I were President of Television, I would make his family one of the families on Revenge as we know they like to spend a lot of time in the Hamptons.


      • Also: I think this would be a better web series than a TV series. Because it shouldn’t be more than 4-5 episodes… and we should have them interrelate with other characters’ lives like an episodic version of Slacker.


      • I meant Andy from Parks and Rec, but this just makes me wish that both Andys had their own show TOGETHER. They’re both so enthusiastic, and good-natured. And they both play guitar and sing!

  2. Beets Me #alternatetitlesforthedwightschruteshow

  3. Great idea. 43 seasons of The Office aren’t nearly enough to explore its main characters.

  4. A bee farm? A bead farm? Oh, heron!

  5. They’re calling it “Beet’s Me!”

  6. A Creed show has more possibilities. The theme song could be “With Arms Wide Open,” but performed by They Might Be Giants to make it more confusing (and less sucky).

  7. Isn’t The Office already a Dwight spin-off?

  8. Only one element will make me excited about this.

  9. I predict this will be in the TV Obeetuaries after three shows.

  10. Just Schrute Me

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