Hands up. And suddenly we’ve all got our hands up.

The nice thing about today is that it’s already AMAZING. (Thanks for the tip, @ghibli_music.)

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  1. Love you Dad!

  2. Jack Nicholson has a great voice.

  3. When he says “no control of my body” he means it.

  4. This guy is Daniel Songer-prolific.

  5. I’ve got a sawbuck that says his shirt is by far the most colorful thing in the whole house.

  6. BOB NEWHART!!!!

  7. It’s at this moment that I’d like to remind us all that Douglas Adams once presented the idea that we are all descended from an alien exodus of hairdressers and middle management from the planet Golgafrincham, because THIS GUY.

  8. Meatloaf is lookin pretty good these days, but what is up with his voice?

  9. The line “no control of my body” has new meaning when sung by someone who may soon be wearing adult diapers and/or needs medicine from Jake Gyllenhaal to get it on.

  10. auto-tune this and I’m pretty sure it sounds just like Usher.

  11. So I guess we can add Cocoon to the growing list of 80′s classics slated for an ill-advised modern update.

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