Well, ok, sure, you sound great. You have a wonderful singing voice. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, it’s really a blessing, but — not to be rude, certainly — but…who’s making the pizza? I’m sure you have some very capable employees, I’m not doubting that, but could you go back and see if they’re making the pizza? It’s just. Look, this has been an absolute joy, we love it when you sing, it’s just that we came here because we were hungry for pizza and from the looks of it you’re not making the pizza for us to eat right now. Just from the looks of it. Did you already put it in the oven? Are you sure it’s not burning? Can you just go check on it? (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. First a shut out in the Republican primaries, and now a new pizza singing champ’s star is rising? This has been a tough few months for Herman Cain.

  2. I know a little Itallian, so I think it’s important to point out that he’s saying,

    “There’s a fire in the kitchen. Quick, hand me a fire extinguisher. Please, you fools, the building is on fire. Toss me that extinguisher, please. For crying out loud, nevermind, just get out of the building, follow me to the door.”

  3. Dear Gabe,
    … I do wish the main VG page featured more Pizza Place coverage (Brooklyn pizzzaman [sic] had one of the worst outings in Pizza Serving history last night — booked on the strength of his TWO FOR ONE web deal, the least-experienced singing pizza guys in the neighbourhood, for starters). In my humble opinion as a loyal customer (you know I love you but the Blog View button will be the eventual cause of my death) and while I know you’re in the midst of an Sundance Poll, weekends have been allowed to go awfully fallow — and it was a fallow period for those of us who check your shit 10 times a day by iphone. I know you’ve been watching NBC Nightly News religiously each evening and I’ll no doubt be getting a withering, detailed critique from you straight away.

    -brian williams

  4. More like “O sole vimeo”, amirite?

  5. The little people can make the pizza. Let the maestro sing.

  6. Do I make a Spaceballs reference or a Ninja Turtles reference? What’s that? I got nothing anyway? Oh, ok.

    • Did you know the people who made Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City are working on a similar style game for the Ninja Turtles? Entirely unrelated, but I felt you should know that.

      • That’s crazy. I was a big fan back when I was 10, but haven’t paid attention to the Turtles for a good 18 years until just recently because my friend is drawing the new comic for IDW.

        • I hear there is a new turtle named Ben that will be introduced in that game. Sounds fun!

        • And I don’t own any new-fangled vidya game systems, but whenever Arkham Asylum and Arkham City comes up in conversation, the people that have played it cannot say enough good things about it. So if the TMNT game is done right, maybe people will like it and Nickelodeon will make some scratch.

          I wouldn’t be reading the comic if my friend wasn’t drawing it. My nostalgia glands are very small, and I rarely if ever have to express them. TMNT was comfortably left in the rear view mirror a long time ago.

  7. i left my notepad with all my opera jokes in it at home. today of all days….

  8. Judging from the fact that there is a ketchup bottle on the table, it doesn’t matter who is making the pizza, because it will be terrible.

  9. Its tough to find an opera job out there. Soon there will be an opera of Whole Foods employees… There is one is this link isn’t there?

  10. Sometimes you have a song stuck in your head. And you have to stop whatever you’re doing or planning to do in order to sing that entire song. Ask my dog, he’s experienced this. His reaction is similar to Kelly’s only it’s “But what about my walk?”

  11. He’s just practicing in case the Mayor of East Haven stops by for spaghetti instead of those tacos he was planning on.

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