During last night’s State of the Union (how’s the hospital, by the way? Stomach all pumped?) Barack Obama talked about all kinds of important and meaningful stuff, I’m sure. But the only thing anyone will probably remember was his terrible spilled milk “joke” that actually elicited GROANS from the audience. (Remember: the audience is members of congress and the Supreme Court.) Here is the joke:

Oh brother. Right after this clip cuts out, the Sergeant at Arms stood up in the back of the room and played a little bit of his classic Womp Womp Wahhhh slide trombone. (When you remove the mouthpiece it becomes a sword! SERGEANT AT ARMS, KID!) Anyway, let’s take one more look at first lady of the United States and picture of elegance Michelle Obama’s face after her husband, the President of America, made that joke:



Haha. Barack and Michelle Obama, ladies and germs.


Now just out of curiosity, does anyone know if we are allowed to vote for Mitch Daniels in November? Is that still on the table? Asking for a joke.

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  1. All of the looks were soundly in the “Nice one, Dad!” camp.

  2. My face after that joke:

    Pretty much the same as it always is. Because it doesn’t ever change. Because it is a taco.

    • I don’t know why I had a camera set up in my living room, but at least I can show you my reaction shot.

    • I always thought that your nose was sour cream but it appears to be cauliflower with broccoli and m&m’s for eyes. Who puts that kind of stuff on a taco, in face or other form?

      Also, I like how people applauded when he said he was pretty confident a farmer could clean up a milk spill. Finally they are getting the recognition they deserve. Let’s hear it for dairy farmers, everyone!

  3. Mitch Daniels for President? More like…

    Mitch Daniels FOREHEAD!

    Guys? More like Mitch Daniels forehead! morelikemitchdanielsforeheadguys.

  4. “Obummer and his libtard thugs don’t give a $hit about you all they care about is CORRUPSHUN and giving MY MONEY to the bl@cks who use welfair money for drugs!” – a foxnews.com comment on the spilled milk joke, probably

  5. Mitch Daniels lives next to my parents (gentlemen) and he is just as creepy looking in real life. Also, he walks his dog in the middle of the damn street surrounded by two giant dudes and none of them will move so a 2 minute trip to the grocery store ends up taking 15. I don’t like him is what I’m saying.

  6. I love that you can pretty much feel waves of Michelle Obama’s shame-by-proxy through the internet. Oh Michelle. You should talk to mothertables, I fear that shame-by-proxy is a feeling she knows well.

  7. Presidents really do age faster than normal. Either that, or he has a 75 year old speech writer.

  8. I thought Obama clinched it last night. That sounded like the guy I voted for.

  9. I like Biden’s face. It’s more like, “Aww yeah, I knew that stuff would kill. I should write the entire speech next time.”

  10. What really makes it work for me is that just as he starts the build-up to the joke he grins to himself.

  11. I’m sorry, I can’t read Videogum anymore, I ‘m too busy trying to win this lifetime supply of Walgreens SWAG son!

  12. Can we talk about the resounding “BOOOOO” from a joint session of our elected federal officials in response to the president’s suggestion of a bill to outlaw insider trading by those members of Congress??? What the hell was that? Who are these assholes?

  13. Also, this guy’s response:

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