If you didn’t catch it, the part where you can tell that he’s going to be a wonderful father is when he switches from describing what is happening in the room to just listing objects that are in the room. Hahaha. Very sincerely in love with it. This guy knows exactly how to be the best and I cannot imagine him stopping at any point, and that is how I know he will be the best dad. It’s called MATH. Great job, guy! Great job, mom! I hope the birth didn’t hurt too much! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. I love that he’s using the doctor machine as a beat.

  2. When the baby is coming out she’ll do her own rap, Make Em Say Uhh by Master P

  3. Doesn’t this guy seem like the kind of father who won’t put the camera down while he rhythmically describes something dangerous that his baby is doing?

    • My dad wouldn’t hold my mom’s hand during delivery because he was too busy taking pictures of me crowning. #picturesiwishwerentinmybabybook #divorceforeshadowing

  4. “…mirror.”

  5. “Doctor, can I have a sedative–FOR MY HUSBAND!” Am I right, ladies who’ve been in labor? Dads who’ve eperienced the wrath of ladies in labor?

  6. KajusX, Ian, sleeping dog, Spotify, midget porn

  7. Everybody pop a bottle, make that thing go pop …

  8. So that’s where JaRule’s been.

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