I hate to break it to you, but today is Tuesday. Yeah, I KNOW! Still so much more completely the beginning of the week than you’d think. For example, this morning I saw a Gossip Girl recap online and I thought to myself, “Why is this Gossip Girl recap so tardy?” But it wasn’t tardy at all! YESTERDAY WAS MONDAY! (When Gossip Girl is on!) But if we all have to keep doing everything we have to do for he rest of the week until Friday when we can collapse on the floor and stay there for a few days, we might as well do it with SO MUCH JOY! Get up and dance, WORK-OS! PUT SOME SMILEY FACES AT THE END OF YOUR WORK EMAILS! THIS IS THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! (Thanks for the tip, werttrew!)

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  1. What wasn’t shown…

    And ye, Clooney did chuckle, for it was the ultimate prank.

  2. You don’t have to tell me to dance. I’ve had my boogie shoes on ever since I realized it’s almost Purity Day.

  3. Don’t send a man to do the job a dog (disco) can do.

  4. I think the lack of comments on this post has to do with the 4 min run-time of the video(?), and man, I watched the whole thing because it was great.

    Also, I imagined being behind the wheel of a car while he was doing all that, and it freaked me out. I’d be so afraid I would not know what cue was for me to stop or go, and then he’d spin/robot/shimmy right into my bumper or something. Yikes!

    • Agreed. I got stressed just watching it. Wait do I go? No, stop? Does shaking your hips mean I go or the other side goes? Oh my God, do I go? I’m going! Crash!

  5. This video was perfect for Tuesday

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