I’m sure that this video is simply interesting to Videogum readers from an anthropological standpoint ONLY and in absolutely no way does it strike any nerves or appeal to a lot of people’s ideas of themselves and frustrations with popular culture. Why, I bet you that when Chris Gethard collects all of the photos that people send in for this project, I bet you there isn’t a single Videogum monster’s picture to be found. Why would there be? No one relates to this at all!

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  1. this is exactly like Fred Stoller’s rant on last week’s WTF.

  2. If the jocks are calling themselves nerds, then I think there is an opening for nerds to start calling themselves jocks. Am I right, losers?

  3. This is new? I’ve been a loser since that day I started shaving… my face with some mace in the dark.

  4. Once again, the Goths are left out in the cold.

  5. It gets loser.

  6. NOOOOO! Losers have to fight clowns! I would do anything for love, but I can’t do that!

  7. If only there was a song for losers to rally around.

  8. But if we get to choose to call ourselves losers, doesn’t that defeat the point of his argument?

  9. In case you are wondering, after loser gets co-opted, the next terms is sporto, followed by motorhead, geek, slut, blood, wastoid, dweebie, and then dickhead.

  10. Walker is the new Geek.

  11. I like smart guys.

    He seems pretty smart.

  12. So calling ourselves monsters isn’t enough?

  13. Excuse me,

  14. why isn’t he wearing a shirt

  15. Do you guys notice a persistently hostile tone from a certain blogger toward a certain blog’s commentator audience? Is this the new trend of 2012, for bloggers to hate on their own readers?

    • I got the impression that he was gently poking fun at both himself and the Videogum “community”. I’m now getting a bit OCD about where that period should go, inside the quotes or outside, but I will leave it where it is and put that shit to one side and soldier on.

      But if someone wants to tell me where that period should go, I would take that as a great favour.

      Granted, probably very few among the Videogum “community” are as good looking as Gabe so maybe he shouldn’t have been so free and easy with the promulgation of his visual image if he wanted to remain a believable nerd.

      I’m not saying that I am better looking than Gabe, I’m just saying that I’m more careful about the promulgation of my visual image.

      I’ve fallen a bit in love with the word “promulgation”.

      … “promulgation.”

      One of those two is correct.

      Still – despite his classical good looks if you like that sort of thing and if you do I’m not saying you’re shallow or anything, I’m just pointing out that you’re the sort of person who enjoys facial symmetry BITCH – I think Gabe is sincere in identifying with the Videogum community of nerds, or losers if we’re gonna call ourselves that, which I’m not. Nerd is still okay with me. I’m sure that in spite of the chiseled Platonic shapetitude of his Grecian god-like face, he still has to do laundry and stuff like that. Just because he’s only SLIGHTLY grounded in reality, that doesn’t mean he’s ENTIRELY ungrounded.

      You’re welcome, Gabe.

  16. Too late man. Guess you will have to move on to imbecile or whatever sooner than you though.

  17. This is all so confusing… its taken 30 some years to figure out who I MIGHT be and now I have to lable myself something else. Can’t I just be Jwormyk?

  18. Hmmm… okay. I understand where Chris is coming from.

    But isn’t there something to be said to be living in a world where there is a blending between the “nerd” and the “jock”? Yes, the popular kids have traded in letterman jackets and pom-poms for cable-knit cardigans and pleated skirts, chunky glasses, and video games. So yes, at first glance, it can be hard for a nerd to immediately single out another nerd from a crowd.

    But the nerds are changing, too. We nerds have sometimes been known to play actual athletic sports, have complex networks of friends, and sometimes even have physical relationships!

    Maybe we are finally living in a post-nerd/jock society. The visual characteristics that have so distinguished the two groups in popular culture in the ’80s/’90s have largely disappeared. The split between nerd and jock is now defined by one’s intelligence. Are you intensely passionate about something abstract and niche but successfully explain why you are passionate about that thing? Then you’re a nerd. Are you a follower of broad pop culture trends, do you limit yourself to experiencing only those things that are immediately familiar, and when someone asks you why you like something you can only say ‘I don’t know’? Then you may be a jock.

    These days, the best way to single out a nerd from a crowd is to start up a conversation with that person. But that’s something that we nerds have never been terribly good at.

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