• This girl can sneeze with her eyes open and she took a video of herself doing it and it is very strange. The method she uses to get herself to sneeze is ALSO very strange. The whole thing is strange. Watch it? -TheDailyWhat
  • Did you know that Jim Carrey had a daughter who is in her 20s, and if you knew that, did you know that that daughter auditioned for this season of American Idol? And did you know that she was a waitress? Did you know all of these things? FOR REAL? -PopWatch
  • A new clip from Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie was released this weekend. Want to watch it? -AppleTrailers
  • If you didn’t want to watch that one, would you want to watch a clip from Mike Birbiglia’s movie, Sleepwalk With Me? Do you want to watch both of them? That’s totally fine if you want to watch both, you don’t have to choose. But you do have to watch at least one. -BuzzFeed
  • Uhhh, so, did you guys know that Gabe is now featured in every music video that every band ever makes? Weird, right? That he has that in his Hollywood contract? Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat is also in this one! Good job, Gabe! -Stereogum
  • It is possible that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. CONGRATULATIONS MAYBE! The important thing is, though — What does Brad Pitt think?! What does Angelina Jolie think?! What does Angelina Jolie think about Brad Pitt thinking something about it?! WHY DO I HAVE TO ASK THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS? -Dlisted
  • Want to know how movies did this weekend? There didn’t seem to be any good ones in theaters. I haven’t looked at the numbers yet, but I can only imagine that no one went to see any of them? All zeros? -FilmDrunk
  • A guy from True Blood might date Zooey Deschanel on New Girl. How about it?! I watched the most recent episode of New Girl, I feel like I should admit. On Demand. It had Lizzy Caplan in it. It wasn’t terrible? Guys? Hello? Did everyone leave? -Celebuzz
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  1. I know who Alia Shawkat is, but what is Arrested Development?

  2. That’s Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Gabe and Alia Shawkat

  3. “Woah, your girlfriend can sneeze with her eyes open? Does she have a sister?” -NO ONE

  4. I’m secretly not hating The New Girl, too. It’s still a little forced, but it feels like a first season show that has potential if the writers settle into a stride.

    P.S. Where I grew up, “secretly” means “publicly.”

  5. Your dad throws $20 mil to his misinformation spreading gf just because and you’re waitressing?

  6. Have you seen the trailer for I Am Not A Hipster? It’s like an Onion video, showing a bunch of very hipstery stuff and then revealing the title at the end in big block letters. Hah! Gotcha! Comedy!


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