You might watch this video of Kaylee blowing out her birthday (I assume) candle and think, “Hey, Kaylee? Maybe you should relax a bit.” Continuing to yourself as if you’re having a dialoge, you’d think, “Kaylee, what you’re doing is clearly not working and it looks like you’re going to pass out. You should forget about it. Just forget about the candle and move on. Kaylee? Are you listening?” She won’t be listening because she is a video and you are in your own head, but still you’ll be like, “Kaylee, listen. I’m older than you and I know how these things work. You try and try and try and everybody watching you can see that you’re getting nowhere, but for some reason you can’t really perceive that yourself. Blind, failing ambition. The failures will help you grow, but the feeling of having wasted so much of your time will stick with you and weigh you down. Kaylee. So, just, my goodness. Just please stop trying to blow out– JUST STOP IT!” But she won’t stop.

And then you’ll find out that all along Kaylee was the one teaching YOU a lesson. (Via Rats Off!)

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  1. This is such a fitting metaphor to my never ending quest to get into the Monster’s Ball.

  2. Kaylee in the Wind 2012

  3. That does not look like a birthday candle, it looks like a candle you would use as a centerpiece, why do they want her to blow out the centerpiece?

  4. This is good training for a job in a dynamite factory.

  5. More Wind.

  6. This may be the most inspirational thing I have seen since “If you Believe in Yourself, You Will Know How to Ride a Bike”

  7. I’m not very good at blowing things either.


  8. Why are they speaking to her like she’s a dog?

  9. Ty Barnes’s next commercial in the making. Blow! Get it! Blow! Get it!

  10. This is the last time we buy a cake from Sisyphus’ Bakery.**

    ** Thank you in advance for your upvotes, Classical Studies majors.

  11. They should try a trick candle on her next.

  12. the burning candle is Obama and the little girl is the GOP candidates. this is just brilliant political commentary.

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