America’s most relevant celebrity, who also happens to be America’s most brilliant political thinker, Chuck Norris, has FINALLY broken his LEGENDARY silence and endorsed Newt Gingrich for president. Congratulations to all of us.

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  1. More like Chuck SNOREis….Wake me up when someone secures the Busey endorsement

  2. Chuck Norris could cure cancer with a tear (if he ever cried), but he’ll still never be able to get Newt elected president.

  3. Sorry Chuck. I make no moves until I find out what the powerful Steven Segal camp has to say.

  4. What was this post even about? I feel like I used to know, but then I clicked on the link and now I have a headache combined with a deep seated paranoia.

  5. When Chuck Norris endorses a man for President, he automatically becomes King of the Earth. #ChuckNorrisFacts

  6. That was such an irrelevant article. I wanna know who gets Marky Mark ´s vote.

  7. Yeah, now Gingrich will become president for sure… NEWT!!

  8. You realize of course that at least 45% of Americans will vote for him if he is nominated.

    That’s a lot of stupid, angry, and reckless.

  9. Chuck Norris is so Chuck Norris that even Chuck Norris gets the Chuck Norris when Chuck Norris shows his Chuck Norris.

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