This video was actually making the blog rounds a bit earlier this week, but uhh, WHY? This is a video that everyone should have saved specifically for late Friday afternoon, when it is APPROPRIATE, like we did. Finally we’re poised for this work week to say goodbye to each of us as we make our way down the escalator of our weekend. And we can smile and wave and say goodbye back, because life is precious, and work weeks are precious, and this girl in the video is INCREDIBLY PRECIOUS. So bye, girl! Almost bye, week! I love you! (Via BlameItOn.)

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  1. yeah, see yas. i get to leave early because people hate snow.

  2. I like how everyone seems to know the script, like no one is just standing there, they all know to wave back, some even say bye

  3. Bye! Love you! Bye!

  4. It was a little bitchy, though, to ignore the people on the up escalator.

  5. That reminds me of my goddaughter, Zoe. She has never developed a proper fear of strangers, so when she’s being carried in a public place, she will sometimes try to jump into the arms of some random person and hug them. Luckily, everyone has always been super chill about it, mainly because Zoe is a little ball of adorable.

  6. I haven’t left yet guys, I’m Still Here.

  7. Thank you Kelly this made my day much better.

  8. What a cutie!!! If my local Walmart finds about her, they’re going to fire that 75 year old greeter who barely grumbles hello to me as he tries to organize the shopping carts in a line, but can only push them into an aisle-blocking arc, since he’s got just the one arm.

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