This ’80s commercial for Jello will make you say the C Word in your head. I guarantee it:

That commercial makes me wish that Jello had a rival product, like Pepsi or Microsoft, and that the rival company put out a commercial called “Suzie’s Brand Of Justice,” where Suzie takes the bus from Minnesota to LA and smothers that chick slowly with a bulky sweater. And then eats a delicious bite of the rival product and says “Looks like it was you who needed a sweater, and also Jello is made from HORSE HOOVES!” (Via Fey Friends and everythingisterrible.)

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  1. I hate the c-word, but I hate her more.

  2. Colon cleansing?

    No, that’s two words.

  3. Then when I moved to LA I ditched my bulky sweaters and become a huge asshole.

  4. Well, if all those studies about aspartame are true (aspartame is the main ingredient in Nutrasweet), then is the C Word cancer?

  5. Sam  |   Posted on Jan 14th, 2009 +10

    I TOTALLY remember this commercial! It stung because it was right at the dawn of my long Awkward Phase and I was starting to realize that my teen years were going to be nothing like Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield’s, as I had previously assumed. Bitch.

  6. I think the rival company should be Spam. The wonderful mystery meat from Austin Minnesota!!

  7. Jello: The Bitchmaker.

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  9. uknowwho  |   Posted on Jul 31st, 2009 0

    seriously people.
    the c word.
    u now, c u next tuesday? take the first letter of each word? duh.
    i knew that when i was like,,,, 12

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