I added an exclamation point to the title of this post. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much more excited does it make you about looking at some GIFs? I was already excited about looking at GIFs, but it really does make me I think a “7″ amount of MORE excited to look at them. I’m not sure why I ever didn’t have an exclamation point. That seems out of character. So that exclamation point, combined with the fact that I was allowed to look for Clueless GIFs this week, has really made this one of my most wonderful weekly GIF recaps ever on the planet. Fantastic. Also, as an aside, I looked for a bunch of those GIFs in a bar last night that is around the corner from my apartment that has WiFi and I was trying to pretend like I wasn’t embarrassed, but really I was KIND OF embarrassed. Not enough to stop, though. Nobody said anything. I was the only one on a computer? Soooooo anywaaaaaaay GIFS! T-GIF! GIFS GIFS GIFS!

Daniel Radcliffe hosted Saturday Night Live and all anyone could talk about was how bad Lana Del Rey sounded!

The Golden Globes happened and all anyone could talk about was how bad Lana Del Rey sounded on Saturday Night Live!

We all watched a video that was meant exclusively for Briona!

Cher’s closet from Clueless exists in real life now!

Paula Deen has type two diabetes and is an asshole!


Zooey Deschanel was bullied because no one appreciated her specialness.

Mark Wahlberg said, honestly, the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

And finally, Thursday TV happened!

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  1. Speaking of Clueless is everyone watching Surbugatory? Elton’s on it and Cher is going to be on it too!

  2. There were enough Clueless gifs up there to ease the guilt I have whenever I lie and tell people I’ve seen Clueless.

  3. Something tells me Kelly wasn’t the only person sitting alone in a bar in Brooklyn last night looking at Zooey Deschanel GIFs.

  4. OMG those Michael Fassbender GIFs!

  5. I have the strangest urge to go rollin’ with my homies.

  6. How does Paul Rudd look the same now as he did in 1995?

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