Oh good grief. COME ONNNNNNNNNNN. This is a picture of Ricky Gervais dressed as Hitler (and also dressed as Winston Churchill) that he posted to Twitter for no particularly compelling reason. THE FUCK IS UP WITH THIS GUY? It’s like he read a book about comedy and it said “comedy pushes boundaries” and then he looked up “boundaries” in a dictionary from 1960 but that page had been torn out of his dictionary. Seriously, this guy is the fucking worst now and he won’t rest until everyone knows it. Still not sure? Don’t worry, he’ll get ya. He’ll do some dumb shit and you’ll be like, Oh. From the DailyMirror:

After a conversation on Twitter that saw one of his followers comparing him to Hitler, Ricky posted this picture of himself along with the comment: “I’m in two minds…”

That’s it? Some complete stranger says some stupid comment on Twitter about Hitler, which incidentally is the hackiest of all hack comments to make and I thought we’d all agreed upon that in, like, the ’90s, and that’s all it takes for Ricky Gervais to DRESS UP AS HITLER AND TAKE A PHOTO AND POST IT ON-LINE? Does he not have any friends to talk to? Is there no one in his corner where every time he gets one of these awful ideas in his head, that friend can put a hand on his wrist and say, “Hey, I’ve got an even better idea: let’s not do your idea.” That is literally what friends are for. Oh, and by the way, it gets worse: he almost dressed up as Hitler for the Golden Globes. COOOOOL. This guy is the Sarah Palin of comedy: TOTAL RENEGADE. Listen to this shit:

Ricky’s Hitler imitation may have something to do with comments he made before he hosted the Golden Globes, with the comedian considering opening the ceremony dressed in a similar get up.

In an interview on US TV, he told Conan O’Brien: “I was going to come out dressed as Adolf Hitler.”

“I was going to get to the podium, let it die down – then go, ‘Too much?’ Then I wanted to look in the crowd and go, ‘It’s the wrong crowd, just the wrong crowd’. Then I was going to say, ‘That’s the last time I borrow a suit from Mel Gibson.’ That would’ve been good, wouldn’t it?”

Uh, no? That wouldn’t have been good? Also, the fact of the matter is that ANY crowd would be the wrong crowd for you to start a show by dressing up as Hitler for absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER other than that your DUMB BRAIN thinks that is “EDGY,” which is another thing, edginess, that I thought we gave up for lent in 1998 and never looked back, but the more important thing is that his toss-off alternate universe Golden Globes joke about it being the “wrong audience” is clearly a reference to Hollywood being run by Jews. Sheesh. Do you guys ever lay awake at night worrying that Ricky Gervais is TOO funny and TOO wonderful? What a piece of shit. What a fucking David Brent. (Thanks for the tip, Jessica.)

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  1. What do you mean “no apparent reason?” There are TONS of apparent reasons! Examples:

    -In the running for the role of Mr. Cool Disguise
    -Was trying to dress like Charlie Chaplin, and did it wrong
    -Everything else he owned was dirty

  2. Ugh, Ricky Gervais’ reputation is in such an unmitigated tailspin. Why didn’t Wahlberg stop this when he had the chance?

  3. Who’s Hitler?

  4. Was he really that desperate for attention?

  5. I still prefer both of these over Ricky Gervais in a v-neck t shirt.

  6. He’s stealing bits from Tom Green! Can we get Joe Rogan involved somehow?

  7. These guys would have been the right crowd. Literally.

  8. Perhaps he could pray to God for guidance.

    Oh no!

  9. Siousxie Sioux beat that bitch to it!

  10. In his defense, he was on his way to a party with Prince Harry. #jokesfrom2005

  11. There can only be one explanation. Ricky and the rest of the cast agreed to the movie deal, but Michael Cera is refusing to reprise his role as Hitler’s mother.

  12. Larry David should smack him in the mouth. Then maybe he’d stop.

  13. SO, this picture was from a few years ago, yes? (when he was heavier?)

    • He’s probably had it sitting on his hard drive for years, and was super excited to finally have an excuse to share it with the world.

      • Ugh. I can picture it: Someone said he is Hitler. He gets giddy because once for that Glamour Shot he did he WAS Hitler and wouldn’t that just be hilarious to post this to Twitter. So he laughs and laughs to himself as he pulls the photo down from the wall, scans it (or maybe takes a photo of the photo?) and uploads it to Twitter, “This is what those pricks want to see, HA!”

        I just wish someone had the guts to call him out on all this assholish behavior.

  14. “I was going to come out dressed as Lord Xenu.”

    “I was going to get to the podium, let it die down – then go, ‘Too little?’ Then I wanted to look in the crowd and go, ‘It’s the wrong crowd, just the wrong crowd’. Then I was going to say, ‘That’s the last time I borrow a suit from John Travolta.’ That would’ve been good, wouldn’t it?”

    “Either that, or I was going to come out dressed as God.”

    “I was going to get to the podium, let it die down – then go, ‘Too doesn’t exist?’ Then I wanted to look in the crowd and go, ‘It’s the wrong crowd, just the wrong crowd’. Then I was going to say, ‘That’s the last time I borrow a suit from Stephen Baldwin.’ That would’ve been good, wouldn’t it?”


  15. Did he make this into stock photography for additional profit or something? Somehow this photo manages to look super generic.

  16. I am crossing my fingers and hoping this is just a still of him playing two different characters on the upcoming series of Doctor Who.

  17. “I’ve never been punched!” -Ricky Gervais

  18. Someone must’ve told him to fuck himself because he’s being a MASSIVE WANKER.

  19. it seems to me like he’s had a Hitler suit on hand for a while and he’s just straining for a reason to bring it out of his closet. He probably bought it for a Halloween party a couple of years ago but at the last minute decided to go as Heath Ledger’s Joker instead.

  20. This kid is funnier:

  21. Seeing as it’s a picture of a man dressed as Hitler AND Churchill, giving it this whole, oh, I don’t know, WORLD WAR II vibe, I don’t see anything wrong with the picture itself. To people yelling, “RICKY GERVAIS DRESSED UP AS HITLER!” I say, “Yeah, and he also dressed up as Churchill and is giving his Hitler rabbit ears.” I don’t think it’s fair to BASICALLY cut Churchill out of that picture, as it does count as context.

    AND obviously he didn’t have these pictures taken in between that twitter exchange. They were existing photos he had on hand.

    THAT BEING SAID – Ricky Gervais is never doing himself any favors, the twitter exchange was dumb, and that Hitler-at-the-GGs concept most definitely came from the most uncomfortable pair of bad idea jeans.

  22. The strangest thing is that he had never put this picture on Twitter before, considering his followers regularly compare him to Winston Churchill.

  23. Imagine if the crazy old evil Nazis in Argentina could work the internet and found that pic. We could do one of those “You’ve won a boat” things cops do, so they could fly to Europe and we could finally arrest those suckers. Or send them an email or post on a Nazi version of Facebook a pic Churchill-Gervais photoshopped to look like he was holding Hitler-Gervais hostage, with a message to tell the Nazis to come rescue Hitler-not-Gervais, possibly pay a ransom. Then they’d show up at the assigned place and we nail them.
    These are the only 2 ways I could think of where Ricky Gervais in Hitler garb is a good thing.

    • I’d much rather watch Michael Fassbender go to Argentina and kick the shit out of them… but that’s just me.

    • A friend of mine once hitchhiked to visit and on the way got a ride from a dude who, in response to casual, polite questions you ask someone on meeting, told my friend he had just gotten back from Argentina, killing Nazis.

      Probably lying? Yes. Is he still awesome for telling that lie to a kid he picked up hitchhiking? Yes.


  25. wait, what was the connection between dressing up as hitler and tony soprano in a top hat???

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