Last night’s 30 Rock has been talked about a bunch on the Internet in the past few weeks in anticipation for the show’s response to Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant that took place in June. And it was…ok? (!) I think the idea that Tracy and Denise Richards would counter-protest in defense of idiots would have seemed funnier and more creative if it had nothing to do with reality. Unfortunately, though, in this case it kind of seemed like going soft on something that maybe they could’ve gone a bit harder on, if they were going to bring it up at all. Which is also, like, EXACTLY what she said. But I liked the Jack/Liz relationship part of the episode! Those two. Moving on. Parks and Recreation was great, no doy. I was anticipating and hoping that Paul Rudd’s character would be a legitimate opponent for Leslie, so that was actually kind of a letdown, but then his character was so great anyway so who cares. When he called them in for the meeting at the restaurant or whatever? C’mon. Very good one, Paul Rudd. A+ portrayal. Andy and April were perfect the whole time. They are my favorite TV couple, especially now that April is a human. (LOL, when she asked Anne if she was fired from being a nurse because she slept with all the doctors? That was the best.) GREAT JOB PARKS AND REC. Really holding it down. The Office was not bad, which I don’t mean as a putdown, but then I guess the fact that I don’t mean it as a putdown is an even BIGGER putdown, but whatever let’s move on. Why would Andy even want to be with Erin? He seems like he has a good thing going. Hahah. ANDY DON’T DO IT LEAVE IT IN THE PAST. Also, who is the new girl? And why are they trying to do a thing with her liking Jim? Just to get some heat back into the Jim and Pam relationship? The heat is gone, The Office! You’re just going to make us (me) upset! And I know I’m just complaining, but really the episode was enjoyable. I’m sure you know that because you watched it too. “A note, it’s a symphony.” I did not watch Up All Night. WHAT DID YOU THINK?

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  1. My dad made em

  2. Fewer libraries. Start talking to Cuba again.

  3. “The character of Bobby Newport, a wealthy, spoiled, scion who has been handed everything his whole life hits way too close to home.” — Mitt Romney.


  5. I never get to watch Thursday Night TV on Thursday Nights and yet the I-have-no-idea-what’s-going-on-spoilery-out-of-context-gif-party is my favorite part of Fridays.


  6. Paul Rudd nailed it as the spoiled rich kid running for political office. “Who’s your dad?” Just quit and I’ll throw a big party and send you an invite. I also loved how Andy spent the day in the hospital clinic basically to have every check-up and doctor’s appointment he should have had since sixth grade done in a single day. “Dine and dash!”

    The Office was okay but not great. Andy and Erin will never have anything close to what Jim and Pam have so the writers shouldn’t even try for that kind of tension. Stop it Andy with all the engagement rings! Last time you kept the old heirloomy one in your wallet. Did you forget you have a wallet before going to a pool party? This episode made me like Robert California for like the first time ever. Then he got naked and I stopped liking him again. And then Gabe followed suit and I was grossed out a bit. What is with him and all the kink? Korean erotic films on his ipod? He’s like the soul of an old creepster in a rookie creepster’s body.
    “I’m Bacchus’ friend!” It’s nice to see Toby not in full HR mode.

  7. Parks and Rec was nonstop laughs last night. Paul Rudd was very good (I simultaneously loved and hated his character during the ending’s “just give it to me” conversation).

    I watched The Office last night too, and I have a question: did Jim, while waiting for a good exit moment, drink all of his wine? And then when he left, he drunkenly drove into Robert’s mailbox? Or did he just do it because he was angry at having to stay for so long (or maybe because he thought that would be an even BETTER exit moment)? Because it definitely seemed like drunk driving to me, but I have to believe The Office wouldn’t endorse that. Maybe next week we’ll find out that Jim is dead.

    “Bobby Newport endorses drunk driving.” -Ben Wyatt

    • I thought it was because Meredith had blocked him in and he decided not to wait for her once people started whipping their dicks out so running over the bush was more of an “I’ve gotta get the fuck outta here!” move.

      • Yeah, Meredith said she couldn’t move her minivan because she threw her keys in the pool or something. I did not like the idea of Jim driving drunk. Not cool. The California, Gabe, Ryan threesome got so awkward so fast.

        • Actually, they did a terrible job, but I believe we were supposed to realize that Jim hadn’t actually been drinking his wine like everyone else. They could have made that more clear, but Jim was distinctly sober in the scenes right before he left.

          Indeed, he drove over the shrubs because Meredith wouldn’t let him out.

        • I thought Meredith threw her keys in a fishbowl, like a swingers party?

    • Wasn’t it that someone had parked him in? Marilyn maybe? But was was drunk too.

    • Well, he was drinking a tiny half bottle of the wine

  8. I’m not some gif wizard like all you sick twisted gif wizards, but can I just say (yes I can) that Paul Rudd’s “I’m gonna have a man who does magic. He’s really good. Not like cheesy magic, like GOOD magic” is somehow perfect in ways that I can’t really get a handle on.

  9. The shows last night were fine, perfectly enjoyable, some laugh out loud moments, but I really don’t find myself caring as intensely about Thursday night TV without Community. Before I’d be like, “OMFG I have to watch this RIGHT NOWWW”, but now I’m just like, “ok let’s see what’s on”. Who’s with me?

  10. Vampire Diaries? Anyone? Anyone? The return of Elijah aka the best?


    • OMG I haven’t watched it yet but you just made me so excited. I may or may not yell “Bring back Elijah!” at the screen three times an episode.


  11. SO, Jersey Shore, right? It was Pauly D and Mike’s birthday! But they only celebrated Pauly D’s! How upsetting! Also, Pauly D turned 31! That is so old to be someone on MTV! Get your ass to Bravo, Pauly D! Deena and Snooki are still the worst, in case you were wondering. And Vinny really left! Oh no! And also, so did Mike? That part was a little confusing. I guess we’ll all have to tune in next week.

    Here’s a gif of the greatest show on television to tide you over.

  12. The problem with the Tracy Jordan rant storyline is that he was in trouble for saying gay people would gaze at their own genitals all the time, but in real life Tracy Morgan was in trouble for saying something far darker and fucked up, namely that he’d kill his son if he turned out to be gay.

    That’s almost impossible to satirize. I’m glad that’s over.

  13. “Who was that little girl in your ad? Could you get her to do an ad for me?”
    “… That was me, at ten years old.”
    “Wh- how’d you do that?”

    Parks and Recreation won the night, once again.

  14. I think 30 Rock’s Tracy Jordan/Morgan rant plotline was fine.
    It’s a comedy program first and foremost, and a bizarre, inane one.
    Basically, if you want to know if and how 30 Rock will reference a controversial topic, you just need to ask yourself, “Would the Muppet Show cover this topic, and if so, how?”

    Tracy’s real rant pissed people off royally. it was some dark shit to say on a comedy stage, and we (the internet) have all heard from Tracy, his supporters and detractors, LOUIS GODDAMN CK, etc, and it’s been discussed to death.

    If the show went ‘dark’, with real world sensitivity issues NOT being played up for opportunities for more comedy, then the show has failed at being a comedy program. If anything, the show’s viewpoint was “Tracy is an idiot and he says stupid shit all the time.” That’s the take-away. To introduce such a dark concept like killing your child for being gay has no place on the program. What does have a place is Tracy Jordan getting into trouble for being an idiot, a staple of 30 Rock.

  15. Did anyone else pick up on when Erin and Dwight challenge “Pam’s Replacement” to a Chicken Fight, she wonders who will be her partner and asks, “Where’s Jim”? And that Jim’s derisive comments have somewhat shifted focus from office life to home life recently? Because I feel as though a Jim Halpert infidelity storyline may be the most earned infidelity storyline in the history of television. No?

    • I did. I’d like Jim to be faithful because he’s my favorite character and I wish I had one in my office so I could have some sexual tension that ends up with me becoming Mrs. Specialk Halpert. Either way is Andy going to have to run Jim over with his Prius?

  16. I enjoyed Up All Night. I’ve been watching since it was on Wednesday. It’s a great show with a wonderful strong cast. Definitely worth the watch guys. Also, watching Friday Night Lights and The Wire? The Stars: Just Like Us!

    • When they started watching Friday Night Lights and I heard the theme song, I thought, “I should stop this show and watch Friday Night Lights.” But then I didn’t. I’m all talk.

  17. “I’m in the mood for something raw, and cucumber-based. A cucumber!”

  18. Ben: “Bobby Newport’s never had a real job… his life.”

    Tom: “You gotta give it more attitude. It’s gotta scare people: Bobby NEWport…”

    Ben: “Yeah. Ok. Alright. Bobby Newport’s never had a real job… his life.”

    Tom: “Bobby NEWport’s never had a real job in his life”

    Jerry: “Bobby Newpooooort.”

    Ben: “Bobby Newwwport.”

    Tom: “Bobbyyyyy Neeewwporrt.”

    Jerry: “Bobby NEWpoooort.”

    Tom: “Newpooooort.”

    Jerry: “Bobby.”

    Tom: “Baaaaaaahhhhh.”

    Ben: “Bobby.”

    Jerry: “Newport.”

    Ben: “All right, now we’re just wasting time, Jerry.”

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