So, uh, there is a very scary noise “happening” right now. Outside. Of your house maybe? (Or NOT happening, if I can be honest for a moment, because give me a break with this nonsense, but also if I can be honest for another moment I just watched the videos and then was VERY afraid to be in my apartment by myself, soooo.) (Emotions are difficult.) First it was in different parts of Canada, and now it is all over the place. And it sounds like a creaky door mixed with a scary monster and an old roller coaster. From The Huffington Post:

The strange sounds phenomenon continues to spread, with videos popping up from Canada and around the world featuring similar noises. The weird sounds have allegedly been recorded in a number of cities, including Winnipeg, Chicago and Glasgow. While many viewers are intrigued, others are equally skeptical about the strange sounds. Is this the latest Internet meme?

Hahah, aww. Is it the latest Internet meme, do you think? This all reminds me of the time when Brooklyn smelled like garbage and I went outside and thought, “Wait, why am I still smelling garbage?” And then I thought that it was just ME who smelled like garbage. But then everyone was tweeting about how it smelled like garbage, and then it was because of a sewer bursting or something. LOL. Remember that time? In Brooklyn? Anyway, please listen to these videos and then I hope you are not alone because you will probably be afraid even though you don’t believe that this is a real thing.


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  1. Nickelback’s new album

  2. Canadatarash

  3. Various incarnations of Obi-Wan’s imitation call to the Tusken Raiders?

  4. Sounds like a post-rock group practicing somewhere nearby.

  5. “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”

  6. maybe we should ask these guys?

  7. Keystone XL pending explosion.

  8. Seriously, guys, this freaks me out. I’m like weirdly afraid of giant monsters and if it turns out giant monsters are real I might go insane no joke.

  9. Do you think this mix of fear and wonder is what goes through dogs’ heads when we turn the vacuum on?

  10. It’s the echo of Murraynmitch crying in pain after busting his leg.

    • Its been three weeks and this comment makes me the happiest I’ve been without Percocet.

    • For those scratching their head, this happened on new years eve (Spoiler alert, I survived).

      • STORY PLEASE!!!

        • Well, there I was on the night of Friday, December 30th, 2011 at 8:30. Sitting upstairs watching a documentary on Costume Dramas when my girlfriend, who was busy playing Skyrim, said/bellowed “Take the dog out for a pee!” After lacing up my boots I took the dog out. It had rained that afternoon, but that wasn’t on my mind. As I stepped off my walkway, onto the common area (I live in a town house) the dog pulled and I slipped as the unsalted cement sidewalk. I flew up in the air and landed with a sound I can only describe as a combination of marbles being spilled and celery being snapped, I realized something may have been wrong with my ankle. Turns out I dislocated my ankle and broke three bones.

          Thankfully, the ambulance arrived as shock was settling in. After 6 hours of surgery, 18 screws, 2 plates and 34 stitches in my ankle I’m on the road to recovery. It should take 8 weeks to heal, but starting Monday I get to work from home.

  11. I did wake up to weird and scary noises in my apartment at 5AM today. Do you think the monsters live in my pipes? Because that’s the only reasonable explanation.

    • Okay, everyone put on their tin hats:

      I heard a noise not dissimilar to this in Portland a week ago when I was letting my dog out. It was super loud and super weird. I went to the bank a little while later and THEY HEARD THE SAME NOISE. I kept tweeting to various news groups or the PDX airport media manager to see why a very loud plane took 15 minutes to take off, but NO ANSWER. Also, THERE NEVER WAS A PLANE (I was looking for the Concorde to be honest, because that’s what it sounded like).

      Now I’m pretty sure these videos are fake, but I *totally* heard a very loud and very scary noise that rattled my pup so much that he wouldn’t leave my side all day.

  12. Sorry guys. This was me. I was moving my couch from one side of Canada to the other and no one would help me lift it. I didn’t mean to bother anyone.

  13. whatever happened to al jurgensen of ministry fame?

  14. “And it sounds like a creaky door mixed with a scary monster and an old roller coaster.”

    Smoke monster anyone?

  15. I’m pretty sure this is a hoax, you guys. My evidence for this is that Chicago and Glasgow are not in Canada. Kind of a dead giveaway, really. Also, strange noises in Winnipeg are probably just people all coming to the realization at the same time that they actually live in Winnipeg.*

    *The late Pat Burns used to say Winnipeg was so flat, it was the only city in the NHL where you could watch your dog run away for three days.

    • When my father, mother and I drove from Calgary to Toronto, along the trans-canada highway, my father made one joke over and over again regarding the flatness of the prairies, “Its miles and miles of miles and miles”. I didn’t laugh the first time and neither will you.

    • I love that quote.

    • I’m sorry but it’s not a hoax. I live in Providence, RI and i head the same exact noise one early morning around 3am on March 22nd of this year. Some people i know who were up at that time also heard it.

  16. “I just want to apologize to Mike’s mom, Josh’s mom, and my mom. And I’m sorry to everyone for all the memes.”

  17. Remeber when New York smelled like maple syrup?

  18. I’ve done some hunting… this blog actually has legitimate news reports on the phenomena. Maybe not case closed after all… Might this have something to do with the magnetic poles?

  19. It’s just Snooki removing the pounds of makeup from her face.

  20. I live in Canada, and just opened the window and didn’t hear anything. Fake!

“If I was hearing that scary noise Happening , it wouldn’t have been Happening like it did. There would have been a lot of blood in The Happening and then me saying, ‘Is this the latest Internet meme?.’”

  22. Whenever I see strange lights in the sky, I just naturally assume it has something to do with the government, and now I’m going to extend that supposition to spooky, outdoor noises. The government’s probably testing something out, like a supersonic jet or a yeti-banshee hybrid.

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