Oh, baby girl. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine. He just wants to explain why there weren’t any clothes in his closet and get asked embarrassing questions by radio personalities, baby girl. He’ll see you in school tomorrow.

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  1. I would listen to that interview if that kid didn’t creep me out so bad. Guys sound ridiculous cooing at girls to an impartial listener, and I don’t care to hear his reasons for it. We all know why we do it. We all know NOT to put that shit on the internet.

    Here is the interview:
    I love that baby girl.
    I filmed me cooing at her as a present.
    It wound up on the internet.
    The end.

    Moving on.

  2. This interview made me more uncomfortable than the video.

  3. I’ll bet this gets some spin and ends up on his college app as an “accomplishment”.
    “As Magmaflower, I produced, wrote and starred in a video that got 3 bazillion views on youtube. I was interviewed by a Canadian radio station and sold t-shirts based on the video.” Can you tell I’ve done a bit of college app spin?

  4. Roz and Mocha make me more uncomfortable than that kid.

  5. Once again, I thank God that there was no internet when I was 14.

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