This is a picture of Jim Carrey in costume and on set for his upcoming movie Burt Wonderstone with Steve Carrell but also WHO CARES WHERE IT IS FROM. Why do you need to know so much about this photo? Who are you, the Jim Carrey Photo Police? “What’s happening? I can’t have any fun in my life without knowing all the boring details.” Sorry, I don’t know why I am pretending to be so mad at you about this. It is totally reasonable to see a photo like this and want to know HEY WHAT IS UP WITH THAT PHOTO BECAUSE UH LOOK AT THAT PHOTO THERE IS DEFINITELY A STORY THERE! But even without the story is sort of what I’m trying to say, you know? (Let’s make this post the longest post in blog history, but let’s also make sure not to say ANYTHING.) The point is: HAHAHAHHAHA. Oh man. Good look, Jim Carrey. He should put a copy of this in a locket and send it to Emma Stone. I guess Burt Wonderstone is about magicians or something and so he is supposed to be parodying Criss Angel, which is PRETTY GOOD ACTUALLY, but I hope they soldered that wig to his head and sewed those leather wristcuffs directly into his flesh so that he looks like this forever. That way they can cast him in the movie adaptation of Neil Strauss’s The Game, which incidentally, can we all agree that THE TIME IS NOW for Hollywood to finally adapt that book? Thank God. Finally. Hooray. Jim Carrey! (Via AICN.)

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  1. Guys, I think Jim Carrey sold me drugs at lunch today.*

    *Just kidding**, employers.

    **It was when I stepped out for “coffee.”

  2. Aaaaaaaalrighty, then!

  3. Ahh!!!!!!!! Kill it with fire (marshall bill)!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My favorite part of the costume is that he seems to have a large baby strapped to his back. Also, is that Rivers Cuomo in the background? Because I think that’s Rivers Cuomo.

  5. “Nickelback lyrics.”

  6. This should definitely win Emma Stone’s heart.

  7. Somebody Stop encourage Him

  8. Me, Myself and Iron Maiden?

  9. I predict that no faux-magic stunt Jim’s character pulls in this movie will top Ace Ventura’s climbing-naked-out-the-back-of-an-animatronic-surveillance-rhinoceros trick.

  10. Properly Peacocked and ready for THE GAME

  11. Wait, James franco has been cast in the movie about The Game? Why haven’t we talked about this? You guys, please talk about this, because that is so insane? WHY HAVEN’T WE TALKED ABOUT THIS?

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