NOM NOM NOM, right, Brad Pit? NOM NOM NOM.

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  1. Brad Pitt is such a fatty, right ladies?

  2. This is misleading because the images do not come from the same movie and even if they did scenes are often shot with hours or even days between them. This is wrong and confusing.

  3. I watched Moneyball this weekend and noticed how he was always eating, which reminded me about how that’s a common schtick for his characters (starting with Ocean’s 11 through today), which made me think “wow! that’d be a great idea for a supercut. I should do it!”

    Only then I didn’t because of food and sleep and nerds. But the internet gave it to me because that’s how the internet works these days. The Singularity is here!

  4. So much for “The supercut game just changed”…

  5. I call shenanigans on this supercut.

    Mark Casey already made mention of it above, but when Ocean’s 11 came out it was openly discussed in press junkets and all that bullshit how Pitt’s character Rusty is always eating something. Seeing as most of the clips of this supercut are from the Ocean films, it would be the shortest supercut ever if you were to take all that footage out, therefore- SHENANIGANS.

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