Last week, we announced that commenter Just Dessérts won our “Chris Gethard personalize call-out and signed copy of A Bad Idea I’m About To Do” giveaway. It was very exciting, and everyone was very excited about it. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, JUST DESSÉRTS! And today it is my pleasure to bring you Just Dessérts’s call-out from The New King Of Authors, Chris Gethard:

GOTCHA, JUST DESSÉRTS! How does it feel to be called out by The New King Of Authors? Whose book came out last week? For real, how does it feel? Special? COOL AND SPECIAL?

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  1. Yay, congrats, Just Desserts!

    Also, of the two shirtless male YouTube videos to appear on Videogum today, Chris Gethard clearly wins over Briona’s babydaddy.

  2. Chris Gethard: The New King of V for Vgum

  3. #CforChrisGethard

  4. Do we have to hit the reset button now because Chris Gethard is an old school monster and he’s agitating old fights? Back me up Werttrew and Concert Addict. BTW, so honored and loved this. Can’t wait to read the book!

  5. And with that Chris Gethard started the Great Gif War of 2012.

  6. The odds that Chris was wearing pants in that video is about 3%.

  7. Chris can talk all the smack he wants, but I won’t trust a word of it until he publishes a book of animated gifs.

  8. This is really exciting, and I wasn’t even the one name-checked. I guess I just enjoy it when an outside party acknowledges that Videogum exists.

  9. This is fantastic. Almost as fantastic as this cool targeted ad


  10. I love me a topical gif, but there might be something to this less gifs, more words business.

  11. I love everything about this.

  12. I also appreciate the shout out. – Blanche Knott

  13. I thought the winner of the shoutout was supposed to log in via fb :(

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