That ought to do it. (Via DailyGrace.)

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  1. So, how many video bombs does it take before they get lumped together and classified as a prank?

  2. Your move, Clooney.

  3. Between Michael Cera and Gabe, professional photobombing has always been a boys’ club, but Tina Fey is breaking open the photobombing pinata for all those girls who need a hero! #metaphors

    • Bridesmaids is actually just one really elaborate photobomb. In the foreground the whole time is an all-male cast doing a movie about a bank heist, but they’re out of focus so no one noticed them.

  4. how and when did you get permission from the copyright holders of this footage to post this on your blog without getting sued? if this is posted without permission you better google the word lawyer and hope the better ones invested in a little SEO* action
    *search engine optimization

    PS just kiddin’

  5. Fey and Hargitay.

  6. Am I a party-pooper if I point out this is from the 2009 Emmy’s? I am? Oh well, it’s still awesome

  7. Also, Mariska Hargitay & Tina Fey are totally close from that time Liz Lemon tried to make out with her own cousin/ MH’s husband. #HowDoesActingWorkAgain?

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