Dear Everyone:

All of our dreams have come true!!!!



PS: I am honestly so excited about this human advancement that I am embarrassed and genuinely hope that NO ONE is monitoring the inside of my brain right now. FaceCake Marketing Technologies, whatever that even is at all, have used Microsoft Kinect to make the closet from Clueless, everyone’s favorite movie thing that they wish were a real-life thing, into a real-life thing. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? Once this comes standard in every apartment, we can try on digital images of our shirts and pants and necklaces and purses and see which ones we want to wear together! We’re going to look so good! As long as Lucy washes our damn white collarless shirt from Fred Segal, right?! Our most capable looking outfit! CLUELESS! LUCY!!!!!!

It’s really supposed to be used to try on clothing from websites, which is also perfect, but who are they even kidding? JUST SAY THAT IT’S THE CLUELESS CLOSET! Because there is no clear audio in the video, I can only imagine that it must be just a string of Clueless quotes. “I hope not sporadically.” “I totally paused!” “I am not a Mexican!” “Cher, what are you wearing?” “A dress!” “Says who?” “Calvin Klein” “Do you like Billie Holiday?” “I love him!” “Youa a veergin. Who ceeaant. Drrrooiivee.” –This Video/My brain, constantly. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Maybe they could rethink that name? A dressing room is certainly not something I would want to be socially-enabled, thanks.

  2. So I’m confused on this video. Is this a Noxzema commercial or what?

  3. Cher could really have used this technology when she was choosing an outfit for the If I Could Turn Back Time video.

  4. Thanks, Microsoft. You’re basically adding another hour I have to wait for my girlfriend to get ready to go out.

  5. And of course, right after Work It was canceled. This could have helped save the guys some time in the morning.

  6. I’m still waiting for Veronica’s Closet.

  7. Oh My Gosling…that is amazing.

  8. Does it also play “Rolling with the Homies”?

  9. Cher: Oh, no. You don’t understand this is an Alaia.
    Sentient Closet: An a-what-a?
    Cher: It’s like a totally important designer.
    Sentient Closet: And I will totally shoot you in the head. Get down!

  10. Will it tell me whether or not I’ve broken in my purple clogs yet?

  11. Cute idea, but I only trust Polaroids.

  12. holy sisto. my little girl dreams just came true

  13. Now that my wardrobe problems are over I can finally focus on fixing a problem that has plagued me since high school

  14. the world is amazing. all my dreams are coming true. #tears. #tearsofjoy

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