Daniel Radcliffe. What can you even say? Seriously? Does anyone have anything to say? I don’t know what to say! I’ll begin again. Daniel Radcliffe hosted Saturday Night Live this week in promotion for his new film, Scary Potter, and it was definitely all very fine. Nothing was super great, but also nothing was bad! Except for Lana Del Rey, whom I hadn’t ever heard until her performance, who took part in a very funny sketch about a lady trying to sing with a much different voice than what comes naturally, but who didn’t yet know how to make her face and body look like that wasn’t what she was doing. Very good job, Lana Del Rey! Or should I say Lana Oel Ley, RIGHT? FOR LOL? Hahaaaaaaa. (Nobody liked her performance!) (Because it was so bad!) (That stinks!) So, yes, Daniel Radcliffe was the host. And uhhh ahhhhhhhhh, he was so much better at being a host than Charles Barkley was! Remember when Charles Barkley was the host? That was really bad! It’s almost as if he wasn’t an actor at all. Not like Daniel Radcliffe, who definitely knew what he was doing in the acting department! You could really tell that he had performed before. Very competent. Isn’t it weird how there were two jokes about Sarah McLachlan’s dog fund? That was weird! Uhhh oooook, sooooo let’s get to the clips!

I enjoyed the cold open! Jokes about Mitt Romney not being a normal human is still very funny to me. Also, I’m not highlighting this one specifically just because I can’t highlight everything specifically, what do you want from me, but the “exit poll” sketch was also fine. Hahah. That sentence turned out a lot more boring and stupid than I thought it would when I started writing it. But I was thinking about it because it had the question about why he voted for Mitt Romney. Remember? Haha, remember when she didn’t know that he was a man? Anyway, here is the cold open. Remember this one? Guys? DOES ANYONE REMEMBER ANYTHING?

Jason Sudeikis does a wonderful Ricky Gervais, and the Ricky Gervais promo sketch was probably my favorite of the night. It did kind of go off the rails toward the middle and end, but I liked the idea! And I looooove when Jason Sudeikis plays Ricky Gervais. So. Who can complain.

The spin the bottle sketch was very weird. But I think I liked it? I didn’t dislike it.

The Harry Potter sketch was unfortunately not really great. I realize this is getting a little tired, me bringing up sketches and then saying they were not great. But. Do you want me to lie? I don’t want to lie! And, I did like the premise for this one! And I loved Bill Hader as Snape and Paul Brittain as Draco Malfoy. Very good looks. But the execution wasn’t very funny. Unfortunately. I wish it were! So I could say that it was!

The Jay Pharoah Show was insane and I liked it. But that doesn’t mean that I like Jay Pharoah because I do not, for the record. Please make sure you make that note. But this was certainly too self aware and I did like it. Good job, this sketch!

The “2112″ future sketch was pretty ok! Could’ve been better, definitely could’ve been worse. I’m sorry!

The “You Can Do Anything” sketch was almost my favorite because I really do like the idea, but it seemed kind of subdued. I hope they do it again, but better next time! Really get ‘em (us) (all of us), you guys! Take out the claws! Or whatever!

And also there was a “Target Lady” sketch that I was at first very excited about, but then it didn’t really go anywhere and wasn’t very good! STILL LOVE YOU THOUGH, TARGET LADY! Bring back Gilly 2012! And please, do watch the Lana Del Rey performances.

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  1. Saturday night (by which I mean Sunday afternoon on Hulu) was the first time I’d actually seen/heard this Lana Del Ray thing. Man oh man, I think Kelly’s underselling its awfulness. Like, bring in our competitor’s coupons, we will not be undersold, bad. Ms. Del Ray should have been featured on that “You Can Do Anything” sketch.

    • I like LDR’s singles and she performed just fine on ITV. She was likely uber nervous. But I’ll let Jay Z make my point for me:

      “In hip-hop [and pop music], the music leads first. So usually, you have a hit record and then [the record executives] throw this person on stage who has never been on stage before. So they don’t have any experience on how to perform in front of people, hold the mic — all these different things you need to know as a performer. So you get up there, you feel naked.”

  2. “Ladies and gentlemen…Lana Del Ray!”

  3. In that screengrab up top, it looks like Daniel Radcliffe playing Bill Hader playing Daniel Radcliffe eating its own tail.

  4. Open up a beer / And you say get over here / And post on Videoguuuum

  5. I liked the Harry Potter sketch, even though it’s impossible to apparate in and out of Hogwarts. Check your facts, writers!

  6. i liked the second you can do anything sketch where that girl tried real hard at singing and we all clapped for her anyway

  7. Oh, man! Maybe it’s just because I have zero interest in Daniel Radcliffe or any of his projects, but this was my least favorite episode of the season so far. (Haha, big words, I know.) I liked the 2112 sketch, but the rest of the show was pretty busted.

  8. Hahahaha, British people putting on American accents.

  9. I like Jay Pharoah, but I wish they would let him do his best thing which is Obama. I saw him impersonate Obama before he was on SNL, and I assumed that’s why they hired him. Come on SNL! Let him do his best thing!!! My favorite thing of the night was Radcliff in the shih tzu wig. You know, where he’s the dog just adopted by Casey Anthony? I’d have a link here if I knew how :(

    • Without question the shih-tzu skit made me laugh the hardest (though when he first rolled out there something about the costume was unsettling, nigh terrifying).

      But I’ve never seen a sketch make better use of the British/American dialectic, where the Brit says something ridiculous and deadpan, the incredulous American takes it at face value, and the Brit proceeds to exasperatedly point out that yes, he was being sarcastic. God, they are so GOOD at that! (Or maybe this is just what happens to me all the time.)

    • ’twas a yorkie, not a shi-tzu. And yes, the best things seem to always be on Weekend Update :)

  10. Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH for pointing out the whole Lana del Rey-not-being-a-very-talented-singer thing. I have a friend who constantly posts videos and clips of her to demonstrate how awesome she is, so I was afraid maybe there was something wrong with me, because I just don’t get it! To me her voice sounds almost like someone doing an impression of someone else? And the someone else is not a very good singer? So yeah, thank you, Kelly!

    Also, I love Daniel Radcliffe and agree he did a very fine job hosting. But the writing overall on the episode just seemed sub-par. The Harry Potter and Target sketches could have been so much more! Having said that, Mitt Romney’s “my 5 human sons” line was hilarious. “It’s funny because it’s true.” :)

  11. I liked it, but then again I was predisposed to liking it bc as I fit nicely in the Harry Potter Fan Girl demographic

  12. More like Lana Del Not-ve-RAY-good. Hahahah YESSS. You know, I came into this comment not sure how I was gonna make that work but I really pulled it out in the end. No homo.

  13. That exit poll sketch was very funny! Kristen Wiig is so talented and cool. Pretty :( that that sketch didn’t get highlighted.

  14. Lana Del Rey sounds great in her studio recordings, but simply can not translate to live performances. That’s sad, since I do enjoy her material, but if she can’t sing live, she may as well be filed under “Britney.”

  15. Daniel Radcliffe as Casey Anthony’s dog was easily the greatest thing all night.

  16. In spite of some bumps along the way, this episode of SNL had me J/K ROWFLING all night!

    (Off I go, then.)

  17. The Jay Pharaoh Show was insane, because it was like he was explicitly saying “yup, this is all I can do, kinda 1-dimensional I guess”. Which is sad, cos either the writers put him up to it and he was just happy to be a major player in a sketch, or else he was all for it, which is weird because then that means he’s comfortable being the guy with 4 or 5 go-to impressions and sort of nothing else going for him comedically speaking, which doesn’t make me like him much or really bode well for his future on SNL and/or anywhere in comedy.

    • I got an end-of-something vibe from that sketch, like it was signifying that either 1) Pharoah’s role in the show will be expanding so he can do more than just decent impressions, or 2) Pharoah will be leaving the show soon. We’ll see?

  18. How have we not talked about DanRad playing Casey Anthony’s dog?! That costume was the funniest part of the evening BY FARRRRRR.

  19. This is great, I thought i was alone on the lana del ray has a terrible voice boat. Good stuff kelly. Welcome aboard everyone.

  20. First of all, I loved this episode and thought it was the best of the season so far.

    Second, is anyone else getting really bothered by Bill Hader’s blatant cue-card reading? Bill Hader is great, but he seems to deliver the first 80% of each line staring in a totally unnatural direction (i.e. toward the cue card) in a monotone (at least when he isn’t doing a spot-on impression.) I’m not sure if it’s gotten worse this season or if I just didn’t notice it before.

  21. The Harry Potter Sketch is actually the best performance I’ve ever seen Daniel Radcliffe give.

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