• If you didn’t know already, Diablo Cody is currently working on a film adaptation of Sweet Valley High. Yeah, I don’t know. But last night at the Critic’s Choice Awards she revealed that it’s going to be a MUSICAL! WHOA! I’m not sure how that will make anyone feel. Worse? The same? GUYS? -Vulture
  • Hahaha, “John Stamos Is Reuniting With The Beach Boys” is a very good headline. Did you guys know that John Stamos was reuniting with the Beach Boys? Remember how they were always on Full House? Isn’t that weird? -TMZ
  • Look at what Leonardo DiCaprio’s dad looks like! -BWE
  • HBO announced the premiere date of Game Of Thrones S2, and here it is: April 1st! “Game of Thrones is coming.” Right? “In April.” “April first to be exact.” Right? Game of Thrones! -AVClub
  • Will Ferrell is currently in New Orleans working on a movie called Dog Fight in which he plays a South Carolina politician, and here is a picture from the set of that movie. Jason Sudeikis is also there! -FilmDrunk
  • From last night’s Late Night, here is Jimmy Fallon doing a David Bowie and Tim Tebow mashup he calls “Tebowie.” One thing I don’t understand is why everybody keeps talking about Tim Tebow, or, like, what even, but I definitely love David Bowie! Sooooooo, great. -TheDailyWhat
  • Oh no, Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes! That’s terrible. It’s terrible for ANYONE to have type 2 diabetes. Believe me that the reaction of “oh no!” is one I’d give to anyone, regardless of disgusting food making fame. Oh nooooo. -Dlisted
  • Happy 22nd birthday, Liam Hemsworth! You dated Miley Cyrus and you are in the Hunger Games movie. So far you are doing so-so. But you seem like you could have a fine enough career in your future of playing football players and then washed up football players, so happy birthday and congratulations! -Celebuzz
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  1. Fun fact: A new CD of the Beach Boys’ Summertime (the album with John Stamos singing lead in Forever runs from 140 -260$.

  2. I am glad I’m not the only one who isn’t quite sure what a Tim Tebow is and why should I care about him

    • From what I gather, he matters because he’s the only Christian in the NFL and possibly the entire country.

      • It’s kind of not fair that Jesus is such a big Broncos fan. Maybe if the Giants could get Vishnu on their side, it would kind of even out. Still, some team is going to get stuck with Queztacoatl, or something, and then what are they going to do?

    • Tebow breakdown:
      he’s the Broncos quarterback of football.
      He is so-so to not so good as a quarterback of football, but somehow in the fourth quarters of footballing games he pulls some ridiculous plays all of a sudden, and then wins the football games.
      He does not stop talking about Jesus Christ.
      ‘Tebowing’ is what people have decided to call what Tebow does when he scores touchdowns.
      ‘Tebowing’ is where Tebow gets down on one knee and says a little prayer to Jesus for making him get touchdowns.
      Christians love how much he loves Jesus.
      Christians love to Tebow, in honor of Tebow’s love of Jesus Christ for making him a good quarterback of football.

      Any questions?

      • Yeah where does he get his ideas? Nevermind answered my own question, it’s the bible

      • It’s not only that he’s a Christian. He’s also a virgin. He was home-schooled all the way up to college and no one thought he would make a good NFL QB (and they might still be right) because the way he plays almost never works in the Pros. He’s also a missionary (or was ) in his spare time. He was supposed to be an abortion* but his mother didn’t listen to the doctors and had the baby.

        I personally love how angry he makes sport nerds. He’s not supposed to win, but he pulls it out at the last minute every time, just like Jesus in all those sport movies he starred in.

        *or so his mother claims, IDK, this is the part that makes me uneasy.

    • As a life-long Bronco fan, my full Tebow thesis (like most of his passes) would be long, winding and generally confusing.

      I do think Chuck Klosterman wrote one of the better thought pieces on Tebowmania this year ( http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/7319858/the-people-hate-tim-tebow ). I especially thought this passage got to the heart of why the Tebow storyline has raised the ire of so many, particularly in the more liberal Internet circles:

      “I doubt many Christians believe that God is unfairly helping Tebow win games in the AFC West. I’m sure a few hardcores might, but not many. However, I get the impression that especially antagonistic secularists assume this assumption infiltrates every aspect of Tebow’s celebrity, and that explains why he’s so beloved by strangers they cannot relate to. Their negative belief is that penitent, conservative Americans look at Tebow and see a man being “rewarded” for his faith, which validates the idea that believing in something abstract is more important than understanding something real. And this makes them worried about the future, because they see that thinking everywhere. It seems like the thinking that ran this country into the ground.”

  3. game of thrones? on april 1st? why do i feel like we’ll be getting a call from a cackling Sodherberg when it turns out HBO is actually just premiering Ides of March in that timeslot?

  4. I wonder how Paula Dean got type 2 diabetes,

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