First I’d like to announce last week’s winner of a signed copy of Chris Gethard’s A Bad Idea I’m About To Do and personalized call-out:

Just Dessérts!

Congratulations, Just Dessérts! HOW EXCITED ARE YOU? Please email us your mailing info, and we’ll feature your call-out video next week!

This week three of you have the chance to win a copy of the incredibly funny and amazing John Mulaney’s, which I realize is an awkward way to phrase it, new comedy special New In Town on DVD. Great! The special will air on Comedy Central on January 28th and be released on the 31st, but you can watch a clip of it here right now! It is going to be the best. In order to win it:

  1. “Like” us on Facebook.
  2. Login to Videogum with your Facebook account.
  3. Comment with what the name of your comedy special would be if you had a comedy special.

Once again a perfect comment game I don’t know how I do it. My comedy special would be called “Kelly Conaboy: CONAWHAT?” Comments must be submitted here by logging in with your Facebook account by Thursday, January 19th, 6PM EST. You can still play along if you just want to comment with your Videogum commenter account, but you can’t win! Only with your Facebook. I’m sorry. Also, you’ll be notified that you won through a Facebook message so WATCH OUT and PLEASE ONLY COMMENT ONCE! A winner will be chosen at random. Yay!

Comments (50)
  1. Joke Camel

  2. Alan Maguire Performs the Hits of More Popular Comedians.

  3. Mine would be “How to Lose an Audience in 10 Seconds.”

  4. Vulgar Display of Comedy

  5. Your special should be titled “Kelly Conaboy: Girl Who Makes Unfair Comment Contest Rules” Just Kidding! That is a terrible name for a special.

  6. “Shit, Where Did I Put My Glasses? Can Somebody Help Me Out? No, Seriously, I Can’t See Without Those Things.”

    • Woof. Neglecting to follow the rules is cool, too. Trying this one again.

      “Shit, Where Did I Put My Glasses? Can Somebody Help Me Out? No, Seriously, I Can’t See Without Those Things.”

  7. Jon Niles: River of Jokes

  8. I am very much excited!!!!!

    Break it down!!!

  9. I hate logging in via Facebook but I love John Mulaney. You win again, Kelly!!

    My special would be called, “Great Lady” so comments on the internet could accuse me of ripping off John.

  10. I WASN’T TOLD I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY: A Four Hour Monologue on Various Dire Subjects (Pts I-III)

  11. Live on Stage and One-Night-Only at Branson’s Premier Comedy Club, The Belly Laffactory: Professor Frank Lloyd Wrong’s Travelling Hee-Hee, Haw-Haw, Chortle and Guffaw-o-lympics and Three Grin Circus!

  12. Ian Cormack : 1 hour of comedy with at least that many laughs

  13. Stand-Up and Dance: Comedy Hits Vol. 1

  14. Ginger Ball Z: Ball Z to the Wall

  15. Jon Pitt: Still Lazy After All These Years

  16. Bridgey: This Comedy Special Might Not Make It Through Customs

    • I had better ideas:

      “They only film me laughing at the men on Mock the Week”
      “Felt Pens? Why Do They Make That Squeaky Noise?”

      and Mama Bridgey’s personal choice

      “It’s a bit rude – and she was that lovely on The One Show”

  17. Debbie Hoad: Stick a Fork in Me: I’m Done.

  18. I’m With Stu: The World’s 2nd Most Offensive Ventriloquist Act

  19. Eamonn Shannon: I Licked It, It’s Mine

  20. Sorry About the Smell

  21. Just The Farts 2: Full Throttle

  22. Just Trying Not to Fall Down

  23. Take that, Mistah Hitlah!

  24. Love in the time of Tumblr

  25. Jim Cartwright: If this feels is wrong then I don’t want be Cartwright.

  26. Michelle Nguyen: No, I’m not Margaret Cho
    Hahahaha, asians. I know I’m not funny.

  27. Demi Adejuyigbe: RAW AND UNCENSORED

  28. Andrea Streeter: Hilarious Performance Art (Or, Standup Is Terrifying So I’ll Just Mumble Nervously And Curl Up In The Fetal Position On Stage And Hopefully You’ll Think It’s Hilarious Performance Art)

  29. Tim Nelson: Winner of a Friday Giveaway of Always Sunny Who Never Received it

  30. Robocop: The Untold Comedy Standup Routine

  31. Simon Spidermonk: Monkeyin’ Around

  32. Dan Johnson Tries to Recite John Mulaney’s Entire ‘Law & Order’ Routine for Politely Smiling Loved Ones, then Realizes He Forgot the Funniest Part and Has to Go Back and Start That Bit Over

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