Following up on yesterday’s Prank Talk Corner in which George Clooney admitted that he has a prank in the works that is going to end Brad Pitt’s career, New York Magazine‘s Vulture blog has an interview with director Steven Soderbergh that only complicates things:

Vulture: By now it’s well known he’s a prankster on set. Has George ever pulled a prank on you?
Steven Soderbergh: [Laughs.] I’m too smart to get directly involved, but I know what’s absolutely lethal about him — he’s patient. He’s got one horrifying practical joke that he’s been holding onto for eight years — I know what it is, and it’s horrible! And at any moment now, he’s going to present it to the victim. It requires some real ingenuity — it’s a good one.

Who is it? What is it? Is that the one he owes Brad Pitt for changing his outgoing phone message?
Steven Soderbergh: [Chuckles.] That prank dates back to 2004. That’s seven years old. Brad knows a prank is coming, and he’s very resigned to the fact that it’s going to be bad. George has a couple ideas for revenge for that one. The worst thing is when you know it’s coming, because you can never relax. And this other person is walking around thinking everything’s fine, and has no clue what’s coming. I can promise you this — when it happens, I’ll call you and let you know who it was. [Laughs.]

Guys, this is so intense. Like, Steven Soderbergh knows that Clooney has a killer prank in the chamber that has been in development for eight years, which means it is NOT EVEN the prank in retaliation for Brad Pitt because Pitt’s inciting prank only happened seven years ago. We’re talking a whole other killer prank! How is anyone in Hollywood even leaving their house what with the PRANKSOON that is about to engulf the whole industry. LOCK YOUR DOORS! IT’S A GEORGE CLOONEY CATEGORY FIVE PRANKNADO! Scary stuff. Stay safe out there, showbiz.

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  1. Is there any chance that George Clooney doesn’t have a climate controlled room in his house dedicated to preserving old Candid Camera masters?

    • “Yes, it’s my climate controlled room dedicated to preserving old Candid Camera masters, now stop asking me about the sound-proofing, the two way mirror and the sex chair.”

  2. i can’t say i like where this is headed.

  3. A bit of research into what Brad Pitt was doing 7 years ago shows that was the year that he and Jennifer Aniston got divorced for “irreconcilable differences.” I’m not sure how George rigged that one, but it is going to be HILARIOUS when he lets Brad in on the joke.

  4. Hey Brad, you know all those kids that Angie “adopted” well here’s the thing … not going to give away the whole prank

  5. “I’m doing this jerk-off’s taxes. Next year, the IRS will audit the piss out of him!”

  6. Let’s just say I’ve seen a mock up of where this is going and well…

  7. Are we certain Clooney isn’t just a super well disguised psychopath? He is charming, seemingly without emotion and he waits 7 years to get revenge.

  8. Jeez, Hollywood lets every original project sit in development forever. If Clooney would just reboot some proven entity like the flaming bag of poo or the running refrigerator, we could MOVE.

  9. George’s doorman, who plays Axis and Allies with him on Thursdays, told me all about it. George is assembling a team like in Inception. They’ve been training in a mockup of a 747 in a tunnel near George’s house in Italy. They’re going to put Brad to sleep during a transatlanic flight, and they’ll have a team of surgeons on board, and when he wakes up, it’s going to be like, “Surprise gender reassignment! Gotcha!” Brad is going to be all “Whaaaapen?”

  10. I hear it involves the help of Tootie and the rest of the girls.

  11. [Laughs.] [Chuckles.]

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