Well, I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a rough week. Aaron Paul got engaged and we can no longer marry him. Even though some of us may have been exactly right for him, if only he could have just met us one time and one of us agreed to change who we were for the other person. Although this did ruin the entire week — who knows HOW many weeks in the future it’s going to ruin, as well — there were some bright spots. Like remember when Jason Segel took that girl on a date? That was nice! And remember when Ricky Gervais was an asshole? What a jerk. So let’s relive those moments AND MORE with this week’s GIFs.

Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live!

Jason Segel took the girl who made him a YouTube song to an awards show!

Aaron Paul got engaged and left our lives forever.

Tina Fey wouldn’t bond with the Roots and Questlove was mad! But then they were ok!

Ricky Gervais is an asshole!

How To Make It In America may not be dead yet!

A dog jumped into leaves!

There can only be one pranklander!

Thursday Night

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  1. you never mentioned Gifolas Cage, so I’m here to mention GIFOLAS CAGE and here’s a sweet taste

  2. All pranks aside, George Clooney is really a very good-looking man. How has no one ever noticed that before?

  3. I’ve got to lie down for awhile, I’ve got mild GIF fatigue. Hold my calls.

  4. Aaron Paul sobbing .gif is NOT OK! Damn it gifs, why you gotta break my heart?

  5. The fact that the Alison Brie gif was not included in this weekly gif round up is proof that this website is sexist.

  6. So this is a question that I am sure will not be answered, but what is up with the gif of Aaron Paul with P. Diddy, some other people, and Phil Leotardo? Why is this group of people together? What is this for? A Breaking Bad/Bad Boy Records/Sopranos appreciation party or something?

  7. Very interesting.

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