Listen, she’s not saying it’s for everyone. But if you have the means, she highly recommends going to South Korea and spending $50,000 for a dog clone. It’s called LOVE, ever heard of it? (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. Doesn’t she know how much money she could have saved by finding an ancient Native American cemetery instead?

  2. Wow, 2 Petting Zoos in 1 week!

  3. Sooooo what’s the best way to convince the South Koreans that Christina Hendricks is a dog, and I have a follow up, which is how can I convince Christina Hendricks to come with me to South Korea, and I have another follow up which is how do I convince Mrs Hendricks to have a conversation with me in the first place and I have quite a few other follow up questions

  4. I would pay a billion dollars to clone my dog because he is the BEST DOG.

  5. i recently watched the documentary “Buck” on Nextflix Instant [highly recommended!] and not to give much away. but this very good horse whisperer basically feels that not only do animals sense our emotions, but their behaviors also reflect that of the owners. particularly when they act out, they reveal a lot about their owners and handlers.

    what I’m getting at is, I’m pretty sure Trouble II probably shits all over the house and impulsively humps anything that shows it attention.

  6. Several times now my daughter and I have had to pay $50,000 to South Korea to clone her goldfish “Flipper”. Please, don’t tell her, but I convinced her that the pet store is South Korea and that a 50,000 dollar bill has Lincoln’s face on it. We recently did this with her dog too. Also, my daughter is in this video.

  7. So South Korea is basically breeding a race of immortal dogs? Your move, Kim Jong Un.

  8. Come to South Korea: Where we clone dogs and don’t fake cry when our leader dies!

  9. I’m actually kind of surprised that cloning is so cheap.

  10. Just putting the finishing touches on my new hit single:

    I Don’t Care If You Run Away (Because I Will Clone You And Bring You Back)

  11. I love my dog too but ONLY GOOFY WOMEN CLONE DOGS.

  12. If this becomes a thing, it will render 101 Dalmatians hilariously dated.

  13. #birdie4trouble

  14. You might say the whole process was Troublesome! You know, if you’re a jerk who like bad puns.

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