One of the best (not best) jokes I’ve ever read on Twitter was when someone, apropos of nothing, tweeted: “So when are we ever going to find out how he met their mother?” LOL. LOOOOOOOOOL. What I liked about it was how it was like everyone was thinking it, but this guy was the only one who said it. Haha, ugh. Ugh to me. The amount that I think about and hate that tweet is definitely wrong and I don’t remember who tweeted it but I’m sorry if it was you. But the point I’m getting to is that I didn’t realize that meeting the mom on that show was a real thing? I’ve never seen it, which is my first problem, but I thought that was just the name. It turns out it’s also the frame story! You learn something new that I’m sure everyone else knows every day. Anyway, in a panel discussion at the Television Critics Association co-creator Carter Bays revealed that the show — currently in its 7th season — may not conclude for a while. From Deadline:

We totally might want to go beyond Season 8. Obviously, it won’t just be our call. It will also be about what our actors want and of course what CBS wants. But right now the network is delighted with the numbers we’re getting. If everyone’s game to go beyond Season 8, it will be a matter of how much story is left. We have that big ending planned, and we know how we need to get the characters in place to make it there.

Aarrrrggggh, BUT WE NEED TO KNOW HOW HE MET THE MOTHER! Is there any HIMYM ending speculative fan fiction out there? Have you guys ever written any for yourselves? I know I somehow just heard about this now, but knowing that there IS an ending already planned I really can’t wait until like 2015 to find out. Did he meet her through a mutual friend? Did they go to college together? Were they both late for a flight? GUYS! WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THIS SHOW? WHY CAN’T THEY JUST TELL US?! (Via Pajiba)

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  1. “Seasons 9 and 10 are definitely my favorite.” – nobody about anything, ever

  2. I accidentally started reading the EW boards about this one night a few months ago and it depressed the hell out of me. Half the people were speculating that it was Robin… or that she’s a surrogate or some other nonsense.

    My point is that it made me really appreciate you guys.

    • I know very little about this show. But I DO know that Ted dated the mother’s roommate Summer Roberts a long time before he actually met the mother. Which means that there is no possible way Robin was the mother, unless she had a secret roommate that none of her best friends knew about. And if you’re posting on a board dedicated to the show, you should really know what you’re talking about. Come on, EW board posters, get your shit together!

    • plus Ted always refers to her as “your aunt Robin” when he’s talking to the kids.

    • Not a big fan of the show, though admittedly one of the better sit-coms out there (which isn’t saying much). But yeah, I mean, Ted’s obviously supposed to be the dad, right!? It’s freakin Robin… But Robin hates Barney because he’s such a dick to girls so I wouldn’t be surprised if they found out they actually loved each other the whole time and he knocked her up. Same could happen with Ted. And do Jason Seagal and what’s her name already have a kid? If so, we could already have an answer (I should really be more informed to be making such predictions haha but sometimes the less you know the more obvious it is).Barney would be a good one to be the baby daddy, after his sordid past I can see the often less than intelligent network TV audience going for that in such a toouchy-feely sitcom such as HIMYM; though, as I said, it is much funnier, better written, and can appeal to more than your average network viewer for the most part. I would be disappointed if it turned out to be some long lost kid from one of Barney’s random flings. But we do know Barney is a little more than just a womanizer (i.e that stripper, if you count that). Hahaa or any of the character procreations from previous sexual encounter; even more intriguing if it’s Seagal’s or Hannigan’s offspring that comes into the picture that were conceived while they were together, now that’s interesting! Ora child from when they were young and Barney ALREADY hooked up with them, Awwwwk-ward! *in a foppish, voice by a recently outed NPH… Just this users opinion lmao

  3. He met her through the adoption agency, but the contract clearly stated that only she could decide if she wanted the children to know her identity.

  4. Is it wrong that I now feel compelled to write speculative HIMYM fan fiction? Because I am. And spoiler alert: there is a very good chance SWINTON will feature, though to what extent I am undecided. And it is also likely that someone will shout “INSEMINATE ME.”

    I apologize for nothing.

  5. They haven’t even done the time travel season yet, so yeah, we’ve got a ways to go.

  6. I think they met on HOT or NOT.

  7. The thing is: Nobody cares anymore. People stopped caring when the show turned into Barney’s Bimbo Bingo around season five or so.

  8. i dont get why people are surprised or pissed about this. don’t they realize the end-game isn’t necessarily the point?

  9. The name of this show is “How I Met You Mother?” I thought it was “How I Met You Otter,” and I’ve been waiting eight years for the show to make even one otter joke. Thank god, I thought I was going mad.

  10. Who cares? Ted is the worst.

  11. i have friends who absolutely love this show, which i don’t really understand. It’s not a terrible show, fine to watch here and there, but i don’t see why you would follow it. It actually does bother me about the mother thing, since its the premise of the whole show. At this point it’s just gotten boring.

    • I agree with this, and I was a fan of the show for much longer than I should have been. I actually watched the first 8 or 9 episodes of the newest season, but it was only out of some weird imagined obligation. The first 2 or 3 seasons were great, IMO, but then when they got away from the premise of the show (WHICH IS IN THE FUCKING TITLE), it started going off the rails. It’s basically Friends 2.0 now.

      • “It’s basically Friends 2.0 now.” A horrible thing to say about any show. But chances are pretty much 100% it’ll end up as a blurb on the cover of the next DVD release of this show.

        • HA! Was seriously just about to say that ‘Van Oben’! It’s fucking Ted and Robin/Ross and Rachel! I know it seems too obvious but it’s a FUCKING sit-com! People that watch sit-com’s like to already know what’s going to happen so if it want’s to be a successful ending it’s gonna be them, the “getting there” is gonna be the “journey.” Their gonna make out one night after a couple drinks then hook up and confess that they realize they’re the only nes for each-other and bang-out cuz they starting to get old as fuck, so unless there’s some sort of flash-forward or this kid’s some long lost adoption a a product of a past hook-up between ANY of the other male characters (including Seagal) which would be very interesting, especially if it was while he was with Lilly (JUICY!) lol

    • I read your comment with Charlie Brown’s voice in my head and I’m still chuckling.

    • Yeah, for real ‘neverbadidea’, all I see is Ted crying about how he got screwed over by another girl or being a little trick cuz a one-night stand didn’t turn into his wife. Ted’s a little b-tch, that’s why I think he’s the one that will ultimately knowck someone up, but probably on accident, and the girl’s probably just gonna bounce on hime, or she’s gonna bang Barney and he’s gonna find ot about it or walk in on em and start acting like a baby again then have a kid to take catr of.

  12. Not only has it taken his dad 8 years to tell a story that should’ve take 2 minutes, but his parents are already divorced by now…

  13. When are we going to find out if Chelsea is there?

  14. It’s been 7 years and Ted still hasn’t begun to sound like Bob Saget yet.

    • I can’t wait until he has to tell them how their mother died, and he had to ask two other guys to come live with him and help take care of the kids.

  15. The way the series should end is in the last 30 seconds of the last episode, he is just standing next to a lady waiting for the bus and he says, hi how’s it going? And then it ends.

    Nailed it.

    • And then the sound of a gunshot.

      • LMFAO Simon-Spidermonk’.. It’s just some-random black-out hookup, and she’s like. Ted:*uncomfortably* “Oh, Janet, right? Yeahhh, uhmm, how you been
        Janet: *sarcastically* “Oh, you know, after carrying your child with NO SUPPORT and NO WAY to get a hold of you for 8 FUCKING years after raising YOUR child with absolutely no supprt, you didn;t even leave your number you piece of shit! Fuck you! *get’s on the bus* fade to black, series over

        • after the gunshot of course, though it could possible be ted that pulls the trigger, not wanting to deal with the responsibility, he’s always acted like such a bitch and such the good guy the whole season, then when actually confronted with the reality of raising a child either kills the girls and the child or himslef

  16. SPOILER ALERT: Marshall dies (very, very sad) and then Ted marries WillowLily and raises their kids. The last moment of the series turns the camera from the kids to Bob Saget where he says, “I’m not your father.”

  17. Hahahaa drewgaze

  18. I already know, Lilly’s gonna be a surrogate for Barney after he realizes he’s gay and Jason Seagal can’t procreate. So it doesn’t ruin the friendship, (I would say Ted, cuz it could be either, and I’m not saying Barney just because NPH is gay, just because his character is a classic womanizer and probably by then no stranger to the vag, a convention commonly used in entertainment to have the character coming out be a ‘ladies-man; and if it was Ted it would be a dick move to bang Lilly because he’s not gay, unless he come’s out). Or what I’d like to see is all of the characters run a train on Robin; hence, whoever it is, we find out how they “met their mother, “In the Biblical Sence”. LMAO sorry, I should really watch the show more, I really do quite enjoy it, I must admit it is fun to come up with absolutely ridiculous conclusions knowing it will soon come to an end hahahah! ..And I have a MAAAD crush on Robin, especially after seeing her in the Thor/Avernger body-suit, dayyyummm!

  19. Hey, it’s a better theory than fucking ‘Otter Boner”

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