We can be honest, we’re adults, we can say that a year ago when Ted Williams was the Internet Person of the Day we were very cynical about what would happen to him. Because the Internet spits things out faster than it can chew them, and it can chew them VERY FAST. It just seemed like all the attention was setting Mr. Williams up for a disastrous and unsupported future when the spotlight moved on. (To give you a sense of just how quickly the spotlight does move, and how much spitting out the Internet does, how crazy does it seem that Ted Williams was only a year ago?) In any case, it is nice to see him doing well! We hope that he continues to work on his sobriety and that he gets to keep his house and his closet and his cake. Good for you, Ted Williams. Thank you for not literally DESTROYING HIM, Internet. (Although we still have our eye on you because you are up to no good. Always.) (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. today also marks my one year anniversary quietly resenting a homeless crack addict. i too will be having cake.

  2. His closet DOUBLES as a recording booth. Clearly he’s not doing THAT well…

  3. Here’s Tom with the weather.

  4. He can get butt naked by the fireplace!

    • Holy Cow! I’ve owned a fireplace for two years now, and this idea has never crossed my mind!

      So much wasted time…

      so much wasted time…

  5. It’s also the 1st anniversary of Cool Dog. http://videogum.com/263141/cool-dog/webjunk/

    Congrats, Cool Dog.

  6. Hide your kids, hide your wives, they’re raping everybody

  7. I got nothin’ to say here. Not one damn stupid comment to make. You know why? Because I cannot stop thinking about those fucking pasta-filled Hot Pockets.

    Thanks, Dr. Feelgood. You broke me. You are the Bane to my Batman.

  8. “It’s the one year anniversary of when Ted Williams was a thing.” – The Sporting News, September 1942

  9. What’s the ratio of Internet Years to People Years again?

  10. the part when he’s crying in the back of the SUV because he doesn’t think he can kick his habit and the producer woman says flippantly, “No, you willlllllllll!”

    also, the part where he is going up to cars on the onramp and shaking the hands of the drivers? why?

  11. Off-topic:


    Please help. Together, we can.

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