HEY GIRRRRRRRRRRRRL! How are you? Are you still on that crazy diet? Girl. You know that diet’s just gonna leave you tired, plus it seems really unhealthy. And don’t you think you’ll be right in the same place you were before, once you go back to eating normally? Girl, you’re beautiful. I don’t know why you think you have to jump through all these crazy hoops. Speaking of jumping, don’t you wish you could microwave all of your shoes and your socks? UGH, I KNOW! I’m so sick of coming home after a long day of work, feet feeling terrible after being in THESE all day, and not having anything microwavable to wear around the house. It’s like whoever is in charge of creating shoes and socks doesn’t even know how feet work. Uhh hello, MR. SHOESANDSOCKS, some of us would like to RELAX for once. Some of us can feel. And now girls, hold onto your purse because our eyelash wishes have been granted by the creators of HOT BOOTIES!

It’s like a spa, right in your filthy microwave. BUT CAN YOU WEAR THEM TO BED WORK? (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Whew! For a moment there, I thought they were ONLY for ladies!

  2. Mmmmm I can heat up my booties right next to my Hot Pocket Breakfast pocket so that my feet are crispy crunchy tender flakey while I vomit into my Jeff Dunham signed toilet.

  3. Whatever, just slip your feet into a pair of Hotpockets and shut up!

  4. The slipper revolution will be televised.

  5. Perfect for those of us who have microwaves next to our beds, like normal, rational, right-thinking individuals.

    • Well when you live in Manhattan and only have a 78-square foot apartment, you sleep next to EVERYTHING. Everything except your TV, that is. Because you don’t even own one.

  6. There should be some kind of warning stating you this product is not affiliated with the website hotbooties.com. Just saying.

  7. Yes! I have a microwaveable scarf that will be perfect with my new booties.

  8. I’m not joking, I want these so fucking bad.

  9. I always wondered what the slipper button, next to the popcorn button, on microwave was for? Now I know.

  10. Be met with stunned silence when you tell your friends and coworkers about how good it feels to stick your feet in hot booties!

  11. I see that they come in Pink and Purple, but do they come in womens colors? For… my girlfriend… You can’t meet her though… Why? Well, she is off… living in the Amazon… Helping aborigines… What? Australia? Yes that’s what I said, the Australian Aborigines. No that’s what I said. Oh fuck it, this joke has gone on far too long for what will be so little pay off.

  12. This is definitely gonig to be on my mom’s next Christmas list and she’s definitely not going to understand what’s so funny about her wanting some Hot Booties.

  13. Big Sean was excited about Hot Booties too until he found out they were for ya feets

  14. Because you know what’s really pleasant? Sweaty feet.

  15. Finally! Someone stepped up their foot therapy game!

  16. Can’t I just microwave the slipers I already own? Or do the terrorists win if I do that.

  17. Heh… he said “booty bag.”

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