Access Hollywood “caught up” (oh, girl, tell me everything) with George Clooney’s girlfriend, Stacy Keibler this week, who gives us a pretty interesting look at what these two lovebirds’ life is like away from the cameras:

“We have a rule that he is not allowed to play pranks on me,” the blonde beauty told Access, as George smiled by her side.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Good rule! Unfortunately, Stacy Keibler just signed her own dumped warrant. I mean, how can you seriously expect to hold onto a prankosaurus rex like George Clooney, the tyrant king of the prankosaur kingdom, if you’re unwilling to share in his greatest passion: pranks? Eventually he’s going to find someone younger and prettier who is into sewing fart machines into the lining of his tuxedo pants right before the BAFTAs, or whatever. Oh well. Good luck, Stacy Keibler. But the real news of the night came next when the spotlight turned to the New King of Pranksedy, Rupert Pranksin’ himself:

As for his planned prank on Pitt, George said it’s going to be major.

“I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you it’s going to end his career,” the actor joked. “I actually am working on something for [Brad,] but I want to wait until, you know, for a while. Let it run for a couple of years.”

Whoa. WHOA. It’s going to END PITT’S CAREER? Clooney is going to “LET IT RUN FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS”?!?! Fuck, dude. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. What’s in the prank?


I do love how that quote is introduced by “as for his planned prank on Pitt,” even though up until that point no one had been talking about George Clooney pranking Brad Pitt. It just goes without saying. As for the thing we all KNOW is going to HAPPEN. The wheels are always turning. Stay tuned for George Clooney’s next move. Hey let’s check back in with Stacy “Don’t Even Think About Fucking Pranking Me, George” Keibler one more time:

“George loves me to wear my heels,” Stacy, who was sporting a Marchesa gown, said.

And the actor might like his lady in a pair of heels, but the Golden Globe nominee doesn’t chime in on what she should wear on the red carpet.

“She picks her own [clothes.] She’s a grown up,” George added.

I don’t know, bro. Sounds like a keeper. If you two can work out this pranks thing, she sounds like a real keeper. (Thanks for the tip, @grahamorama.)

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  1. It’s gonna take a few years? I had no idea that the waiting list to be on one of Maury’s paternity specials was so long!

    • Didn’t Brad Pitt say he was going to quit acting in a couple years? You can’t escape Clooney’s long con, Pitt.

      As for the prankosaur kingdom, my allegiance lies with the true king, Tom Pranks.

  2. I’ve just assumed that dating a professional wrestler has been one long, slow burning prank by the Prank Daddy.

  3. The prank is that there is no prank. Seventeen years from now Brad Pitt will wake up in his padded cell and realize that it was all a non-prank!

  4. Is that really an actual clip from an actual movie that was filmed and meant to be serious, and not a joke clip created by Funny or Die or something? That’s not real, right? People didn’t pay actual money to go see a movie that had that scene in it as a pivotal moment of dramatic tension, right?? Someone didn’t put like 60 cameras on dolleys or whatever and spend an entire day filming and editing that scene because it was absolutely necessary to the plot of an actual film that was written, acted, directed, produced, edited, seen in theatres, and probably purchased on DVD and Blu Ray, right???

  5. What’s the prank? Well, let’s just say that there is no Angelina Jolie, but there is a place that makes lifelike Angelina Jolie masks.

  6. The greatest prank George Clooney ever pulled on Brad Pitt was convincing him it was a good idea to be in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

  7. little does clooney know that Brad had one up his sleeve when he invited him over to the farm.

  8. Long pranks are the new long cons. #VivaPrankosaurusRex

  9. Wait a second. George Clooney is dating Stacy Keibler? Stacy Keibler the former WWF Diva?


  10. I am enjoying, and will enjoy for the rest of the day, imagining the looks on my friends’ faces if we were all sitting around having some drinks and I put my hand on my boyfriend’s shoulder and said, “He likes me to wear my heels.” And he smiled and put his hand on my knee and said “She picks out her own clothes. She’s a grown-up.”

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