What? Breakfast time! Kix and bananas. What? (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. Silly terrifying lizard monster. Kix for are kids!

  2. his brother is into chickens:

  3. Kinda rude to let the iguana eat on the same table Logan was conceived on.

  4. You’d have to eat 4 bowls of crickets to get the nutrition in just 1 bowl of Kix! #lizardcerealcommercials

  5. (kicks in bananas)

  6. Too bad they weren’t eating Pops or else I could’ve made a good Iggy Pop joke.

    • Iggy Pop was in the movie Snow Day with Jean Smart, who was in Edie & Pen with Jennifer Tilly, who was in the movie Dancing At The Blue…wait for it…IGUANA. There you go. Nailed it.

  7. I must be getting old, because all I can think of is how much sugar and chemicals are in kid’s cereal, and it’s not even really wise to feed that stuff to tiny humans who are pretty adapted to shit food by now, and I’m feeling a little anxious on behalf of that poor lizard’s internal organs.

    But I’m boring and old and my pantry is all bran and dried fruit so that lizard probably leads a much better life than I do and I’m sure he doesn’t need my sympathy.

  8. it’s funny to think about, but a kid eating cereal with a honey bear, tiger, tucan, rabbit, a vampire, three elves, a leprachaun, ghost, chicken, sea captain, bumble bee, or a frog? MAKES SENSE. Ighuana? what the fuck?

  9. More posts should use the Iguanas tag.

  10. That is a big fucking iguana.

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