I’m certainly not going to sit here and pretend that using the internet for its intended purpose is something that I have ANY questions about. CARRY ON, BOYS! (Thanks for the tip, Funtastik!)

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  1. Sherminators are replicating. we must find john connor.

  2. Faux et homosexual

  3. Plus de sable

  4. Back-up singers/dancers for this:

  5. I hope they understand the irony of placing a giant moth right near a hall tree covered in clothes.

  6. Any when or week what you say or do,
    En guarde, I’m tryna mop on you.
    When you fall you call nanny, I ham jam,
    Stand up, I tie my waist on you.


  7. Come on guys. It’s not funny to make fun of deaf people.

  8. Weird time to start releasing deleted scenes from Gummo.

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