In an interview with GQ magazine, Mark Wahlberg provides humanity with a sliver of hope in this MISERABLE WASTELAND OF ENDLESS TERROR.

GQ: Two HBO shows you’ve produced—Entourage and How to Make It in America—ended recently. We know Entourage is over but is there a future for How to Make It in America?
Mark Wahlberg: Well, the wheels are always turning and we’ve talked to the networks and we may pair it up with another network. You know, you can only have so many shows on the air [at HBO], but we’re talking about putting it elsewhere. One of the great things is also that we have a couple of things that are really geared toward guys that we’ve been developing that [HBO] feels are really close to going.

“The wheels are always turning.” – Mark Wahlberg’s Tombstone

Please oh please let How To Make It In America find a new network. We are also all very excited, I’m sure, for the couple of things that are really geared toward guys that Mark Wahlberg has been developing. FINALLY, SOMETHING GEARED TOWARDS GUYS FROM PRODUCER MARK WAHLBURGERS! Nice try, ladies. Go watch Bridesmaids for the 100th time something something your period. IT’S GUYS’S TURNS NOW! (Via Vulture.)

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  1. SPIKE Network: Alea iacta est.

  2. “Say ‘hello’ to your father for me.” Wark Mahlberg

  3. Sorry this isn’t relevant but I don’t know how to draw cool things to gabe’s attention. ie these eight-year-olds playing Enter Sandman: Sorry

  4. I hope this show finds a new home. TV is dangerously bereft of stubble-beards since it was cancelled.

  5. “Oh, hey, Goat!”-Mark Wahlberg’s auxiliary tombstone

    “A Man of Timely SNL References”-My tombstone

  6. Wait, so these new things are really geared towards guys? Well, I suppose everyone always thought that Entourage was too ladycentric.

  7. they’re working with Axe to just make it a series of commercials.

  8. Thanks for parsing this for me, Gabe. I read the quote as HBO has some projects that are starting that would be very good fits for guys that Mark Wahlberg is developing. As in, Mark Wahlberg has a man factory.

  9. mancession.

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