In the run-up to this year’s Golden Globes, which Ricky Gervais will be hosting again, and also the American premiere of his new show, Life’s Too Short, which looks very so-so but clearly has its moments, the New York Times has done an extensive profile of Gervais, which will appear in this week’s Sunday magazine. In summation: this guy is such an asshole! I’m not even sure if that’s an insult. I mean, based on the profile and also everything else Ricky Gervais does these days, it seems like that’s kind of his whole thing now, right? (And actually, as a SIDENOTE, if this profile proves anything it is that no one should ever allow themselves to be profiled.) But, like, right off the bat you get things like this:

It is important to Gervais that he should get to do what he wants in all aspects of his life, and he recognizes this.

Gross. You know to whom else it is important that they get what they want in all aspects of their lives? Spoiled little children. And Kim Jong Il. I’m not actually comparing Ricky Gervais to Kim Jong Il, because that sounds too much like a joke that Ricky himself would tell at the Golden Globes, but seriously, gross. Here is an example of what this means:

At the start of our meal, the cafe was empty and quiet, but as it filled up with a robust lunchtime crowd, he complained that the noise was making it difficult for him to concentrate and asked if we could suspend our interview. After about 15 minutes of off-the-record chitchat, he became comfortable again, apologized for what he realized was a diva moment — “my neurosis, my need for control,” he explained — and said the interview could resume.

Oh lord. He had to stop an interview because PEOPLE WERE TALKING IN A RESTAURANT? This guy seems fun. Let’s all hang out with this guy. Also, the profile is just getting started. Buckle your butt-belts because we’re going to Jerkface Town!

Gervais spoke at greatest length about his comedy, occasionally adopting the whispery, professorial tone of someone who is certain he is saying very profound things.

Yuck. YUCK. No comment. Other than MEGA YUCK. Next blockquote:

Hardy is one of Gervais’s heroes, which says a lot about both Gervais’s sensibilities and his knowledge of comedy history. Growing up in Whitley, a homogeneous array of suburban row houses in Reading, a city about 40 miles west of London, Gervais steeped himself in comedy arcana. His list of personal icons began with Laurel and Hardy and the Marx Brothers and over the years grew to include Christopher Guest, the “This Is Spinal Tap” star and writer-director of “Best in Show,” “Waiting For Guffman” and “A Mighty Wind,” as well as dyspeptic stand-up comics like Garry Shandling and Larry David.

Haha. Wow. So, Ricky Gervais is a comedic scholar because he is aware of five of the most successful and well-known comedic acts of the past 100 years? Incredible. I wonder how he has been able to duck out of being an OXFORD PROFESSOR. (Again, this probably says way more about the dangers of submitting to a celebrity profile than anything else. I’d like to believe that Ricky Gervais didn’t try and pretend like this baseline understanding of comedy history was somehow IMPRESSIVE. But also he very well might have. Let’s call this one a push.)

On Gervais’s stand up comedy:

Gervais achieved prominence as a stand-up only after his sitcoms were successful. This colors and reinforces his tendency to see himself as an uncompromising outsider, even as he is invited to host the Golden Globes.

This is in reference to how he never really did stand up until he was already famous. That’s fine. Do what you want. Jim Carrey is a painter now. But one might argue that you never did stand up before you were famous because it is scary. Or because you wouldn’t have had an audience. Or because (DING DING DING) you are terrible at it. Whichever one of these is the answer, it certainly ISN’T because Ricky Gervais is an uncompromising outsider.

Here is his writing/producing partner, Stephen Merchant, who is pretty universally understood to be great, defending his friend/colleague:

“If you come in with the agenda of ‘I don’t like this guy and I’m going to try and stitch him up,’ then Ricky’s stand-up, his interviews, everything he does — you’ll find a way of interpreting it that supports your view,” Merchant said. “He’s acerbic, he’s direct. And if you’re a fan of his, you can see it in a different way.”

Right. No, this is true. But this is also called HOW ALL HUMAN BEINGS ATTEMPT TO GAUGE AND CLASSIFY EACH OTHER IN OUR WORLD OF SOCIAL RULES AND COMPLEX EMOTIONAL INTERACTIONS. This can happen with the cashier at my bodega. It has absolutely nothing to do with Ricky Gervais, comedy, or anything. People always judge each other based mostly on how they are already predisposed to feel. But Stephen Merchant is a very funny writer and performer, not a social psychologist. Moving on.

Finally we get to the heart of the problem:

“I don’t care about winning them over,” he said, meaning the “View” hosts as well as detractors at large, “as long as I get a chance to explain what I mean. I don’t care about them not liking the joke, but they’ve got to understand it before they criticize it. They’ve got to know what my intention was.”

Aha! Here we finally encounter the explanation for how Ricky Gervais has gone so wildly off the rails in recent years. It is clearly because he doesn’t know how comedy works! Poor guy. You don’t have to care about winning them over, but you also don’t get a chance to explain what you mean. That’s not how jokes work. Once you say them, they are up to other people to interpret however they want, and that’s why you should do a good job of writing them instead of a bad job. And while I totally agree that there are varying degrees of intentionality, and that words are empty signifiers that have no inherent meaning and/or emotional impact (although historically, there are certainly a few epithets that are pretty TRIED AND TRUE at this point), that doesn’t really have anything to do with whether or not what you say is FUNNY. You can try to explain your jokes after the fact if you want, and if anyone will bother listening to you, but the intention behind your comedy will never be as important or as interesting to people as the comedy itself (not to mention FUNNY, which again seems to be the rub, does this guy even care about LAFFS no more?). Ricky Gervais seems to be operating under some weird belief that the purpose of comedy is just to get people frustrated on Twitter. Oof. How dull!

I would like to give a special shout out to the writer of the profile, Dave Itzkoff, who is quickly becoming the World’s Best Secret Hatchet Man. His profiles are almost always bright and complimentary, as a celebrity profile “has to be” in order for a publication to maintain its relationships with the people it wants to profile, but he’s so good at slipping in little pokes. Like this one:

He offered to tell me a Mel Gibson joke he was working on for the show, but I said I wanted to be surprised.

Hahah. Uh huh. That is a very clever way of getting out of having to hear a terrible joke. (See also previously: “someone who is certain he is saying very profound things.”) This guy knows what Dave Itzkoff is talking about:

Anyway, congratulations to Ricky Gervais on taking full advantage of the license his success has bought him to be a completely self-satisfied, delusional, mean-spirited, unfunny, power-mad jerk full of long-winded explanations that no one wants to hear for why he’s not an asshole even though he’s totally being an asshole. I’m sure his friends and family know what is in his heart, and that is all that matters, right?

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  1. Ricky Gervais is like the Kirk Cameron of Christopher Hitchenses.

  2. Next he’ll start pronouncing his name as Ricky GerVaahz.

  3. You guys, did you know Ricky Gervais is an atheist. So, we should be offended, or something.

    • Are you quite sure about that, Sir? I’ve never heard him say such a thing over and over and over again. Maybe if he paints it across his gross bare chest I’ll believe it.
      And yeahabout that.. really is that supposed to be sexy or something? Cause it ain’t , Boo. Maybe its ironic. Maybe its all he knows we will think he’s trying to be sexy, but really he’s know he’s a lumpy hairball with man teets, so the jokes on us?

  4. It doesn’t seem fair to criticize Gervais for the way in which his profiler editorializes aspects of their conversation, or for things that an entirely different person said in his defense, or for being apologetic about aspects of his personality which he admits are flawed, but we stopped being fair to Rocky Gervais around here a long time ago.

    • His whole life was a million to one shot.

      • Agreed. I’m not going to get all preoccupied with defending the guy–he’s a millionaire, he can defend himself–but of all the points in this (very well-written, to be fair) post that annoyed the author, only ONE is an actual quote from Gervais.

    • Remember that time when they interviewed MIA and everyone thought the article just ravaged her because she was talking about the third world and their plight but at the same time because the interview took place in a restaurant MIA ordered a plate of truffle fries to eat and the interviewer concluded in his or her piece that “oh MIA is eating truffle fries so she is clearly disconnected from those poor Sri Lankans back home and is thus a hypocrite in everything she does.”? Truffle fries are only like 5 bucks. I think we can allow that an internationally known musician can enjoy a moderately upscale version of the most common item of fast food in America, but apparently the NY Times has the right to skewer someone about that in between the piece on this year’s beaujolais and the article on the yachting conditions off the Hamptons. Seriously, no one should ever let this publication profile them

    • Yeah, I tend to agree with this. Those quotes above are mostly the words of a true asshole, but very few of those words are Gervais’. And the ones that are are fairly reasonable.

      Probably I think it best if we all just take a step back and really really try hard to remember that the more you know about the people who make the stuff you like, the more you’re doing yourself a disservice.

      You know who was an arrogant artist? EVERY ARTIST. Good Art is a selfish, egotistic thing. Do throw something into the world, you have to think it’s good in the first place. You have to be confident, and at times that confidence transfers into arrogance, sure. But if you like the stuff, stop worrying about the person behind the stuff. Spoiler alert: your favourite actor/painter/musician/author/director/figure skater/banksy is a shithead when you really find out about them. Doesn’t change anything about the stuff they make. I promise you that Mark Twain’s books are still good even when you find out he was a litterbug who once said “I don’t give a fuck what I throw on the ground or who has to clean it up. I’m fucking Mark Twain, son.”

      • I would tend to agree with you there, if the things he was making lately were things I liked. I have to agree with Gabe that his standup was THE WURST. I can’t listen to someone make fat jokes for 8,000 years and then defend their right to be an asshole. If you’re going to be a jerk, at least be funny about it, if that is your job.

        • One instance of bad standup doesn’t make a career though. “What have you done for me lately” is something I don’t think holds any virtue…as a consumer. You could easily write off Picasso for the same reasons. (there should be some sort of Godwin’s law that also applies to art.) I don’t love the new Tom Waits record. Doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on him. The Office and Extras were phenomenal in my mind. I think if he has some bad bits for a span of 6 months, it’s okay to forgive that.

          • Hmm. I guess in my mind there is a bit of a difference. If your whole shtick is “I’m a jerk, I’m going to say things to potentially offend you, deal with it,” then you’re walking a finer line between love and hate than just any artist–to me, at least.
            There is this really interesting thing that David Denby says in Snark that just rang in my ears when I heard that bit, which I’ll try (probably pretty poorly) to paraphrase: basically, that your position of power in the world dictates what kind of things are in good taste to ridicule–if you’re the little guy making fun of a more powerful guy, then you have more creative license. But when you’re the big fish attacking all the little fish, it comes off as assholish. A rich, successful guy making fun of women trying to lose weight just reads as snarky and mean for no reason.
            That being said, however, I wouldn’t say that I have given up on his work forever–if he was to make something good again, we could probably make up.

      • This is a good point. Gervais is, in some ways, a human Videogum–he pokes holes in the self-important/self-deluded figures of Hollywood in a very public way. The fact that he takes himself pretty seriously doesn’t necessarily make him an unbearable asshole any more than Gabe is an asshole for writing from his moral code once in a while.

      • I can tolerate selfishness and egotism better when it’s coming from someone with demonstrable talent.

        The more Gervais does his own thing, the more it looks like his success is a combination of luck and being carried by Stephen Merchant.

    • Gabe and many of his sycophants have some weird kind of bug up their asses when it comes to Gervais. We get it. You don’t like him. So why do you waste so much time talking about him? This post should have been about how shitty the profile and the profiler are, not about how (seemingly) self-involved Gervais is. Almost all of Gabe’s examples are sentences written by the profiler not words that came from Gervais himself so this whole post is really just Gabe making assumptions based on his bizarre hatred of man he should care nothing about. Move on. Or else you’ll end up being just like the man you hate.

      • Sycophants is a bit off sides there but whatever. I disagree with Gabe a lot and I don’t really want to put words in his mouth but I’m guessing that part of why he spends so much time complaining about how Gervais is a dick is because many of us really liked Gervais a lot in the past and we feel somewhat betrayed by him going off the rails so much now. Granted we should have way less emotional investment in something that really doesn’t affect us but this whole blog is about inordinate emotional attachment to trivial things. Also a lot of fun.

  5. I feel like we all as a people, are living the part of the movie where you start to find out that your church-going, charity-giving, fun-loving husband is also a creepy serial killer. You fooled us for a minute there, Ricky!

    • I don’t know, I remember thinking that David Brent was obviously based on a real part of Gervais’s personality, way back then. My main problem was “Why does this guy ramble on and on about ‘comedy’ when he’s a manager at a paper company?” It didn’t make sense. And the obsession with political incorrectness? It was the basis of almost every episode!

      The American version wasn’t a success until they got away from Gervais’s conception of what the show was even about.

      I’m torn a little bit because AT LEAST the guy’s an atheist. Imagine if he was just another Tim Allen, how horrible would *that* be.

      • On the other hand, it would kind of be nice if Atheism could be publicly represented with people who weren’t so often totally smug dicks (see also, e.g., Richard Dawkins, the late Chris Hitchens, &c.)

        (Cf. also libertarians who are kind of uncomfortable being widely co-identified with a guy who is, if not actually racist/homophobic, not too worried about the racism and homophobia of his close associates.)

  6. You know, there are a lot of countries down a dictator right now. Maybe we should be worried.

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  8. I was really worried there would be no Mel Gibson bits this year. I mean let’s keep it current if we can. Maybe I’m hoping for too much, but perhaps Ricky will be drinking a pint of lager while he delivers the Mel Gibson joke. It’s like his very own Freebird moment at this point!

    • I really liked that joke (“I enjoy a drink as much as the next guy.”) He kind of ruined it be being so delighted with himself, though. It’s called “deadpan,” Ricky. Basic comedic technique.

      • I agree that it was kind of fun when he did it the first time. Maybe not that particular joke, but some of the others were good. Because it came as a bit of a surprise and it was a departure from the regular host stuff. But I am not really into the idea of having him return to do the same thing. Because this time around it won’t be anything new and what is worse is that it will be sanctioned and everyone pretty much knows what to expect.

        At this point his options are to basically repeat what he did last year, which if taken to an extreme would include yet another lamer Mel Gibson joke. That would be terrible. Or he could make it even “edgier” and that feels like it would be an even worse idea. Either way, I don’t have enough cringe in me to watch him host the Golden Globes this year.

        • I actually think one way Ricky Gervais could host the Golden Globes in an interesting way is to do it extremely nice with only the safest jokes imaginable. To completely Jay Leno that shit. And be deadpan about it. That would be cool. Almost as cool as replying to one’s own post.

  9. phew. now i can officially get out of watching the British Office. clear up some space on my Netflix Queue

    • this guy is an asshole, but british office is still good.

      • i occasionally have a hard time separating a person from their work. usually involving people with more up-front personalities. i can’t listen to Kanye West, b/c i don’t hear music, I hear a petulant megalomaniac who isn’t necessarily a very good rapper whining slightly off-rhythm over some synthesizers.

        i have never liked ricky gervais at all, hence why I have continually put off watching the original Office for going on 8 years.

  10. This journalist might be also be an asshole, It makes me sad to see Stephen Merchant described as a “marrionette packed in a suitcase”.

  11. Hardy is one of my heroes too! I like The Mayor of Casterbridge and Jude the Obscure, but Return of the Native isn’t bad either. . .

  12. I feel like I’m ahead of the curve on not liking Ricky Gervais. I thought he was an asshole about 5 years ago when I figured out that he fakes that exaggerated laugh he does.

  13. Have we talked about the Entertainment Weekly interview where he defended his jokes from last year’s Golden Globes one at a time, explaining why we shouldn’t be offended? That was the worst.

  14. Holy crap, did anyone watch the clip of Jim Carrey painting while (spoiler alert!) John “My dick is sort of like a white supremacist” Mayer plays guitar in the background?

    This is a thing that happened.

    Some poor douche stood there and recorded the whole thing.

  15. His stand up is truly abysmal, fat jokes about women, how incredibly original. Though, my apologies, I of course simply must have just misunderstood the vast complexities of his joke regarding overweight women who wear high heels. I shall wait patiently until Gervais takes the time to explain his comedic intent to me.

  16. This topic indirectly led me to his NBC promo for this year’s awards. Yikes! That grin, those huge photos of Depp/Jolie…yech!

  17. “Buckle your butt-belts because we’re going to Jerkface Town!” Is probably the funniest line from any article I’ve ever read anywhere ever.

  18. In the end, this doesn’t matter that much, and I think we’re all (myself especially) a little too worked up about this, and also I probably won’t get much support here, but I really think this is the most overwrought VG post about Ricky Gervais yet. As R2D2, Esq. commented on above, this is a hatchet job taking its facts from a hatchet job. I agree that Gervais has unpleasant qualities, but after a certain point, the person clamoring for someone else to get over themselves might be advised to heed their own advice.

  19. Next time I see a “clever girl” reference in a Videogum blog post, I want to see a clip of Hannibal Lecter saying that to Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. “Clever girl. You’re so close to the way you’re going to catch him. Do you realize that, Agent Starling?” For the longest time I thought Videogum was referencing that instead of Jurassic Park. “Neat story, Steve.” – all yall, probably.

  20. Last week RG wrote a totally amazing guest column in Entertainment Weekly where he defended all his worst jokes from last year’s Golden Globes. It involved two pages worth of lengthy explanations explaining how his lamest, laziest, most obvious “jokes” were actually scathing societal critiques that his detractors are too stupid to understand. Turns out his jokes about Robert Downey Jr. being a recovering addict and how the airbrush artist for the Sex and the City 2 poster should be up for a special effects award were, in fact, critiques of how we as a society are reluctant to have an honest dialogue about addiction and to promote movies with photographs of aging women, respectively.

    Before I read that, I might have agreed with Gabe here that Ricky Gervais doesn’t understand the difference between “offensive” and “not even remotely funny.” But now I realize that the reason I don’t like Ricky Gervais is probably just a product of the way our society discriminates against fat people.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me, Ricky Gervais, you big fat condescending fuck! The more you know.

  21. While I’m happy the rest of the world is realizing what a lazy asshole Ricky Gervais is, I still don’t understand why it took so long when the evidence is right there in, you know, everything he’s ever done. Years ago I put on his standup to watch with my mom and the first ten minutes straight were nothing but fat jokes. Not self-deprecating fat jokes, not even funny fat jokes, just incredibly mean-spirited abusive remarks about fat people, treating them as though they were the scum of the universe. I thought my (overweight) mother was going to cry. I kept waiting for that segment to end but IT DIDN’T. I turned it off with a terrible taste in my mouth and have hated his work ever since. What a lazy asshole.

  22. More like DICKY Gervais…am I right?

  23. while most of the things Gabe highlighted from the article were not actual direct Ricky Gervais quotes, this is the final paragraph of the article and is TOTALLY a Ricky Gervais quote and it TOTALLY obnoxious and smug and needlessly dismissive and self-promotional and arrogant:
    “I do the Golden Globes like some people play golf on a Saturday,” he said. “It’s fun, but it can’t affect me because come Monday morning, I’ll be writing a new stand-up show or I’ll be writing a new TV show or I’ll be writing a new film. So it’s not exactly bravery.”

    ugh. (still excited for Life’s Too Short, though)

    • And all of his stand up material is about how controversial he was at the Golden Globes. To me, the only thing offensive about RG is that he’s not funny.

  24. Duncan Gibb  |   Posted on Jan 11th, 2012 +11

    I watched ‘Talking Funny’ with Gervais, Louis CK, Seinfeld and Chris Rock last month. It was genuinely funny and interesting (3 of them had a great discussion about comedy) but that fool Gervais kept interrupting and pompously postulating on the nature of comedy. He contradicted himself several times saying that he doesn’t care whether people like his work and five minutes later insisting that the whole point of his stand-up was for the audience to enjoy it, among many other contradictions. He doesn’t understand comedy and I would almost feel sorry for him if he wasn’t such a loudmouth ignoramus.

  25. I feel that some of his work is pretty good. I thought his moments on Louie in the first season were pretty bearable, and obviously the Office speaks for itself (though I don’t know much of the credit goes to Stephen Merchant) For me though, the first time I thought of him as an asshole was the Ricky Gervais podcast. For people who are familiar with Karl Pilkington, it’s obvious he’s not incredibly bright (although I’m kind of still debating whether or not it’s an act). But, when you compare how Merchant addresses Pilkington vs. Gervais, it’s hard not to see RG as an asshole. Merchant’s response usually seems pretty measured, with occasional bouts of annoyed rage. Gervais just berates him though, which Pilkington may deserve, but after a while it’s like enoughs enough. Most of it was mean and to me it seemed like it had to have been somewhat hurtful.

  26. I think you are all overlooking that the man lost 20 lbs, giving him the right to be a self indulgent diva who no longer has the ability to laugh at himself. Shirtless photos with careful tricep flexing, tight black shirts, and bad-ass rockstar behavior are only logical following a transformation of that magnitude. The Gervais/Cook 2012 comedy tour is going to be one sexy laugh fest.

  27. i think ricky is just mad that steve carell got to be in a movie with ryan gosling and he didn’t, i mean wouldn’t you be mad as well?

  28. I don’t know if anybody’s mentioned it, but as an Englishman allow me to tell you all that “Life’s Too Short” is the most offensively bad piece of garbage that I have ever seen (with the notable exceptions of cameos from Liam Neeson and a British comedian called Tim Key)

  29. Ricky Gervais is kind to animals. I hardly need to know more to know that he isn’t an asshole. You are trying much too hard to dislike him. He’s smart, funny, kind to animals, and I’ve never heard an account of him being mean to fans, or friends, or his girlfriend, or his mechanic. I don’t know if he’s full of himself or a diva. I also don’t care. I like — no, love — Ricky Gervais. If he’s not perfect, well, who is?

    • PETA is pretty kind to animals, also they are assholes. I don’t think Gabe is trying too hard, this hate comes naturally to him.

  30. Gervais is awesome. I don’t understand all the crying.

  31. ON THE OTHER HAND: he is very funny on Louie

  32. Holla to all my argument weirdos who feel comfortable posting only when the jokies are replaced by arguments!

  33. I think the guy who wrote this article looks like the asshole. Seriously, even if this article was written about someone I hated, I would still think the comments made after each excerpt were lame, unfunny, eye-rollingly bad, grasping-at-straws douchebaggery. Seriously, the guy who wrote this article could make me like Hitler if he wrote an article like this about him.

    • I agree. One might have mistaken this “article” to be blow-back from Ricky having farted on his sandwhich. I cannot imagine the reasoning otherwise for what seems like a rolling commentary of two other men actually doing their jobs.

  34. Ricky Gervais is the poor man’s Ricky Gervais. And the homeless man’s Benny Hill.

  35. Maybe he is a regular hollywood asshole, but the man is funny no matter what you say.

  36. I don’t understand why this guy is asked to host US awards shows; is there a dearth of fat, obnoxious people in American entertainment?

  37. Ha ha! Ricky will kill again at the Globes, probably make fun of baby Jesus and all the little Christians will whine. That makes it even funnier.

  38. Dear Gabe,

    Videogum is for good; it shouldn’t be abused as your personal soapbox.

    Especially when all you do is lump logical fallacies atop the targets you don’t like, then turn round and call it all objective fact. Every little nit pick in this article was so obnoxious, and for what purpose? Certainly not for comedy. It’s mostly just you complaining, without any jokes at all.

    I can usually predict when one of your videogum articles is going to blow. It’s when you don’t even bother to make jokes and just bitch for a paragraph about your self important opinion, hyped up as something worth reading. At least add jokes that people who don’t agree with you will still appreciate. We all get you hate Gervais – scouring every detail of his interview for flaws and bullshit to write about just seems superfluous.

    It usually just seems like you blow shit out of proportion. Like when Jamie Foxx said Miley Cyrus should do porn. Who gives a fuck? It was an obviously facetious comment. Pretending it was completely serious and then crucifying Fox for it just makes no sense. Double goes for Gervais and his sanctimonious blathering.

    So before you go and call the “self-satisfied, delusional, mean-spirited, unfunny, power-mad” kettle black, make sure said article doesn’t itself contain self-satisfied, delusional, unfunny tripe.

    P.S. Yes, I am aware of the irony in me posting a self-satisfied and unfunny message.

  39. Okay I’m GLAD you enjoyed an article (though it was probably a completely biased hack-job assassination piece sham) but echoing an “actual” writer’s sentiment just makes you out to be a more simple-minded asshole than Gervais. Dipshit.

  40. Gabe doesn’t seem very bright to me. For starters, he doesn’t seem to understand the proper usage of the words “gross” and “yuck.” More importantly, it’s very arrogant of him to think that he understands how comedy works better than such a well known and successful comedian. Lastly, he was dead wrong when he said this:

    “’If you come in with the agenda of ‘I don’t like this guy and I’m going to try and stitch him up,’ then Ricky’s stand-up, his interviews, everything he does — you’ll find a way of interpreting it that supports your view,” Merchant said. “He’s acerbic, he’s direct. And if you’re a fan of his, you can see it in a different way.’


    Not everybody attempts to gauge and classify each other in that way. There are some people who actually get some information before forming an opinion, and are capable of changing their opinion based on new information.

  41. Gallon of gasoline, pound of white sugar, box of wooden matches + Ricky Gervais. Hahaha! Get it? GET IT? Why is CK Louis funny? Not to me. I like Jonathon Winters. I worked as a masseur at Bally’s LV in 1987. I got Louie Anderson (make me laugh fat boy! I wanted to grab him by the throat, 3 dollar tip), I got George Wallace, he gave me 10 for the hour, John Wood, five bucks for the half. In ’88 I was a masseur at the Trop and I gave Rodney Dangerfield a towel and a glass of juice. He stiffed me. The joke was on me I guess. After that I broke in as a dice dealer. F*ck massaging.
    Comedians ain’t too funny when they aren’t getting paid. Maybe it’s not fun when it’s pressure all the time. The bigger guys must have writers.
    I figure the key to observational humor is the requisite nasally voice. “Winnebago’s! WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?!”
    “Hello Chicago! Who’s dying of cancer?! Raise your hand!”
    “Dogs wagging their tails! I DON’T GET IT!”
    People get angry if you don’t laugh at the same things they do. Like George Carlin. I don’t even smile when he does his schtick. Nothing, Nada, zero. The guy was never funny. Or insightful or anything at all, but he did have that whiny voice. He had that down. Okay! Thanks, thanks a lot.

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