I’m not sure why Jon Stewart is ripping on it, it looks FUN andINFORMATIVE. Let’s all start waking up at 5AM just to watch this great thing, how bout it?! 5AM? See you there! Definitely! 5AM! Good morning!

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  1. Why can’t the person who wrote this article even make fun of the show herself? She’s just recapping Jon Stewart’s jokes! This is almost as bad as the time I went on a 3-hour road trip with my Dad and got to hear recaps of the last several episodes of Two And A Half Men and Rules Of Engagement.

    • “Coming up next on Must-laugh Car-rides, I’ll be recapping Big Bang Theory, but first a word from our sponsors. Do you ever feel ‘not-so-fresh’ down there?…” – mr facetaco

  2. I’m surprised they didn’t throw some money at Clooney to host this show.

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