Yes, OK, smart alecs (or is it smarts alec?), this is theoretically “old news.” It’s a photo of Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto, and James Franco on the set of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which is a movie that came out 100 years ago. But some of us never saw it until this week, and we’re never going to break the VICIOUS CYCLE of the INTERNET if we don’t cut each other some slack every once in awhile. Because the fact of the matter is that this photo is INCREDIBLE. It makes me feel CRAZY! I feel like Bob Hoskins is looking down from the great Who Framed Roger Rabbit? soundstage in the sky and shaking his head and whispering “I don’t know how they do it.” I would rather act with a tennis ball on the end of a broomstick than have to actually look at Andy Serkis in his bodysock, and they have to TOUCH HIS BACK AND STUFF? Oh my God, Becky. This is seriously so embarrassing. If I was in this photo and someone posted it on Facebook I would be like UNTAG UNTAG UNTAG. The time is now, indeed. What does Andy Serkis want a Moonman for? Best supporting making everyone uncomfortable? I guess no one ever likes to see how the sausage gets made, but I didn’t realize everyone had to TOUCH THE SAUSAGE’S BACK AND STUFF. Eek. What do you think Freida Pinto and James Franco said to their agents after the director yelled cut? Or their parents? Or their therapists? Or the lady at craft services? Caption it.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and will probably never have to do anything even remotely like what is happening in this picture, which is a nightmare. (Photo via FilmDrunk.)

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  1. Gabe puts on his cgi suit so Freda Pinto will touch him too

  2. Can we use Andy Serkis to CGI Gabe in here? He has a quick question to ask one of these actors.

  3. “Meeesa people gonna diiieeee?”

  4. My precious funny looking suit

  5. Get your hands off me, you damn dirty- Wetaminute! You’re Frida Pinto! Proceed.


  7. Can someone do up that “The Time is Now” poster, but with Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock from Tintin? (Was motion capture necessary for Captain Haddock? Indeed, it was!) I feel like this is an important thing that should exist.

  8. I finally get the Andy Serkis Oscar Campaign business. Based on everything I have seen from this movie (i.e. this photo), Andy Serkis is the acting-est actor in it. Those eyes! That mouth! The green…dots…!

  9. “Where my barrels at, String, so I can throw them at this here Italian guy and I can keep the hot babe? Where my barrels, String? Where my barrels!??”

  10. “i’m pooping.”

  11. Help me Dr. Zaius!

    [ed. note - my only knowledge of Planet of the Apes comes from the Simpsons]

  12. Can it really be called a Serkis act if there aren’t any clowns?

  13. No one plays pretend harder than Andy Serkis

  14. This was the least weird thing James Franco did that day.

  15. Close your eyes. Can you see him? Picture that ape. Now imagine that’s Meryl Streep. The time is now.

    • She plays a monkey in the Iron Lady? I thought she played Margaret Thatcher.
      What’s the difference? -Bill Maher or Dennis Miller probably

  16. The director: “I want you to picture that man. Can you see him? Now imagine he’s an ape.”

  17. “Andy, can I have a word with you in private? … Look, I know we have been over this several times, but your characters are CGI. We can draw CGI over anything. You don’t have to keep showing up to work everyday wearing these Lawnmower man props. Please. People are concerned.”

  18. The DVD of this movie, which I got as an Xmas present (thanks?) contains a bonus feature which is basically everyone (EVERYONE!) telling you how AMAZING Andy Serkis is. Like, to the point that I suspect his actual gift is Jedi mind-trickery.

  19. Aren’t they just going to nominate him so the Oscar nominations can win an Emmy?

  20. Little do you realize, Andy Serkis is playing all three people in this picture.

  21. Remember when you were King Kong…now act just like that but…smaller.

  22. “I want to report a rape.”
    –Chris Kattan

  23. “As a real Ape I am offended,” signs Koko

  24. James, you can’t keep calling me “precious.” It wasn’t even my name in those movies and completely takes me out of character.

  25. They should replace Andy Serkis with a CGI Charlton Heston while keeping the same exact performance.
    Now THAT’S oscar material

  26. James Franco (whispering): “Andy, I’m also wearing a gray s&m bodysuit, but my green dots are natural and AROUND MY DICK”

  27. Somebody tell Gabe to hit reload on the browser cause the Andy Serkis jpeg is broken

  28. These Shit Girls Say people are running on empty.

  29. Guy on the right: “Andy, you’re doing great work here”
    Lady on left: “Mr Serkis, this performance is going to win you an Oscar”
    Guy on the right: “Listen though Andy, the director…he’s been asking on something…something missing”
    Lady on the left: “it’s probably nothing. Well it’s nothing big. Just something the CGI isn’t quite capturing”
    Guy: “Andy there’s only one thing you can do that will tip the scales…to make this the greatest acting ever”
    Lady: “Its hard to say, we just want to make sure you know…”
    Andy: “I already know what to do…

    …Fart More.

  30. “Some day I hope to be recognized as a real actor.” – Every porn actor since 1976 and Andy Serkis since 2001.

  31. Could you try keepin’ the hands above the banana belt? – Not you Freida.

  32. “If you’re not sure about the ape thing, Mr. Director, how about ‘Rise of the Planet of the James Francos’? Think about it.” – James Franco. EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKIN’ DAY.

  33. Who do I have to throw feces at to get an Oscar around here?

  34. Do you really have to say “Smok’em if you’ve Golem” after every take?

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  36. I can’t wait to hear what Tony Paker has to say about this.

  37. Freida Pinto: James, can I borrow a dollar?
    James Franco: Sure, here you are.
    Andy Serkis: (sound of a dollar bill)

  38. We’re gonna force you do do a Real Estate video.

  39. hey Caesar, you got a little something on your face.

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