This is how you end a meme. (Via FourFour.)

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  1. Not with a whimper, but with a “are you jealous of Winston’s beauty?”

  2. Lady Mary and Matthew better get married.

  3. So that’s where all the sunglasses went.

  4. Remember “She’s A Talker”?

    That was the best cat video ever created.

  5. RIP I can’t take this meme anymore.

  6. gay guy sure loves his pussy.

    i’ll show myself out.

  7. gay guy says:

  8. It’s fitting that this is what shows up on my screen, because that blank space represents exactly how many videos of this meme I have seen.

  9. Things cats say to gay guys:


  10. I only watched this whole thing because it has a FLAT FACE CAT

  11. I’m thinking *this* gay guy says “bless you” to that flat faced cat a lot more than the average cat owner.

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