I don’t want to distract you too much from watching people do things very poorly, because I do understand that watching people do things poorly is one of the best things about being on a computer, like for example the “Boom Goes the Dynamite” video that I keep linking to, AKA the most perfect example of having the most fun watching someone do something very poorly. Remember that video? From such a long time ago? Holy moly! That kid. Can we talk about that video? Not here, just anywhere? I’ve already talked about it too much here since it’s from about 400 years ago, but I do have a lot to say about it. Which is a lie. I only have one thing to say about it, and that is: BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! Hahaaaaaa. But, so, anyway, did you know that it can also be fun to watch someone do something well? Like, for example, paint a scene on a canvas with their fingers? And when they begin you think, “What are they doing?” But then you think, “Oh, I get it.” And then you think, “WHOA!” Try it! It’s fun!

That was fun! That guy is so good at that! It was nice to watch! I hope you had fun! I hope it inspired you to go home and finger paint because now you think that hey it might not be that difficult! But then when you get home and do it you just make a mess! BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. If I wanted to watch someone doing something that would be difficult for me and making it look SO EASY, I would have a subscription to Cinemax, thank you very much.

  2. That was mesmerizing. I think it was on a piece of glass, which is genius since it would be easy to wipe it off and start over the next day if no one bought that one. Then he put another piece of glass on top to solve the problem of transporting wet paintings. Genius.

  3. Wow. He destroys the 3-minute mark promised on his sign. After he finishes, he should just stare at the customer for 90 seconds before handing it over.

  4. Those will look great in my tiny motel room.

  5. unfortunately for this guy, the spectacle is watching him make them. say you buy one and take it home. your friends are all like “what’s with the mini glass black-light poster?” and you’re like “you shoulda been there to see this guy paint it with his fingers in like 2 minutes. it’s crazy!” and they say, “color me unimpressed. it’s okay i guess.”

  6. Fake and gray paint that he’s just rubbing off an already drawn painting filmed in reverse.

  7. I’m hypnotized. If that video contained subliminal messages to kill the prime minister, I would not be surprised. So mesmerizing.

  8. Next time I paint my house, I’m hiring this guy.

  9. I’m more impressed he was able to wipe off the border with exact precision on each side after he finished painting.

  10. That tree looked happy. He painted a happy tree.

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