• Melissa McCarthy says she won’t do a Bridesmaids sequel without Kristen Wiig. WHOA! Boom goes the dynamite. But maybe they can just get a whole new cast? And Elizabeth Olsen and Britt Marling can be in it? And also I can be in it? AND ALSO ANNIE CLARK? Holy moly this is going to be a great movie! -Vulture
  • Megan Mullally confirmed that the Party Down movie is being written and everyone is on board except for Jane Lynch, which is exciting, but I will honestly never believe that is going to be a real movie until I am watching that movie. -TheHollywoodReporter
  • Alec Baldwin is back on Twitter! THANK GOD! Finally, SOMEONE to ask vague political questions and talk about Starbucks. -TheDailyWhat
  • Jon Hamm was on Doug Benson’s “Doug Loves Movies” podcast on Friday and confirmed that Mad Men would be returning on March 25th. That’s great news! I wonder if Don will sleep with someone other than his fiancee in the first episode of the new season and I wonder if anything will ever matter or anyone will ever evolve! ARGH! Conflicting feelings about that show! -DougLovesMovies
  • James Franco wrote an article for Deadline about how Andy Serkis should have an Oscar because he’s “essentially Che Guevara in chimp form”??? I don’t know. This one’s YOUR crossword puzzle, guys. -FilmDrunk
  • Here’s a video people taking pictures of Courtney Stodden at lunch? Ugh, listen. You guys all have a lot of your own crossword puzzles today. The world is a confusing place and it means something different for everyone. -Dlisted
  • Oh my goodness look at Willow Smith’s hair! Girl! You can’t even whip that back and forth! That’s bad for the brand! What are you doing! -Celebuzz
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  1. Courtney Stodden has ruined any joy I’ve ever found in using alliteration.

  2. AMC is a shithead.

  3. Rad links. You should also consider adding a link to the illustrated hairpin review of the movie war horse. Funny stuff and worthy of your time to type up the linkage. The URL is located on the hairpin dot com website.

  4. can we designate this as the place to share our excitement that At the Drive-In have reunited? because YES!

  5. Another Earth wasn’t that good

  6. Let’s all be in Bridesmaids 2!

  7. i think kelly has the wrong opinion about whether or not characters have evolved on the mad men peggy has evolved so much and january jones has gone from being a horrible nightmare person to a terrifying horrible nightmare person which is KIND OF an evolution right

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