It is time to get America back on track. We need to draw down our active troops from the War on the Cavity Creeps, and we need to get our economy up and running again by putting Americans to work, and we do this by ending our imports of Head Boots and Wizard Robes. Those Head Boots and Wizard Robes should be made right here! In Crazy Town! Four More Spoons! Four More Spoons! (Thanks for the tip, Sean.)

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  1. Oh, Dad…

  2. if this doesn’t prove it, i don’t know what does. Christopher Guest is the best.

  3. Finally, a candidate who acknowledges that a responsible energy plan for the future must include fossil fuels, green energy and ZOMBIES.

    • One of my best friends from college, Beth LaMontagne Hall, keeping it ON POINT, SON! She always knows how to ask the hard-hitting questions.

  4. “Give Obama the boot…and then give it to me so I can fashion a hat out of it.” — Vermin Supreme

  5. I like Vermin Supreme – it’s time for a candidate who’s not afraid to think outside the bun.

  6. Don’t blame me, I voted from Crunchwrap Supreme.

  7. Floss and Gingivitis.

  8. I will always vote:

    Jimmy McMillan

  9. I love how vigorously he waves at the people asking questions. That’s the wave of a true leader.

  10. Free Ponies for Everyone??!! Did he see my Christmas list when I was 6? Because, Vermin Supreme, let me tell you, I could still totally use a Talk Girl and big girl make up (not the fake stuff, I know the difference now!).

  11. President Supreme really cut his teeth on pun-writing

  12. The viral marketing for Game of Thrones is really weird, you guys.

  13. i love how serious all of the questions are. “is the pony program the only federal entitlement program you support?”

    • But would a pony-based economy necessitate bailouts for the sugar lump and mane ribbon industries? Would he support subsidies to protect American alfalfa growers from Middle Eastern cartels? Will there be penalties for improperly fitted saddles? These are the tough answers that Mr. Supreme owes to the American public

      • i also think that the spike in prices for baby carrots would seriously harm the pocket books of american moms who just want to be able to afford healthy fun snacks to put in their kids’ lunchboxes.

  14. Yet still not as crazy as Santorum.

  15. “Corporations can ride ponies, my friend.” – Romney’s response

  16. Blatantly he’s not from this planet and I, for one, want to see his birth certificate.

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