Yuck. Why is he talking like that? He sounds like he’s trying out for the role of “Precocious Baby” in Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2. And why is everyone SO dirty? It seems like we might need to address, through regression therapy and some kind of step-based recovery program, the underlying problems about these people’s cleanliness and hygiene before we even get to how to properly use a Schticky. Step 2: Make amends for the pile of hair and crumbs you always carry around on your shoulder. And who needs to clean up a pile of pennies? And why is it called the Schticky? Did they only rent the conference room for five minutes on Brand Name Brainstorming Day? So many questions! Although what’s not up for debate is how fun AND classy it is for Vince Offer to poke fun at the time he was arrested for PUNCHING A PROSTITUTE IN THE FACE. Very cool of him. Makes me want to buy a whole bunch of these pieces of shit. ORDER NOW! (Via ONTD.)

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  1. Who spends $100 a year on lint rollers?

  2. I guess Gabe is so rich he doesn’t even care about saving $100 a year on lint rollers. #occupyvideogum

  3. $100 a year? On lint rollers?

  4. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing.

  5. I’m no inventor, but I’d think twice before using it on my shedding pussy. Be safe, ladies.

  6. I’ve had enough of this guy’s schtick, thanks.

  7. I know we like to make fun around here, but consider for just one moment how much better your life would be if you could wander around the house dropping Lucky Charms, or clipping your nails and letting them fall where they may, knowing that Big Schticky will be there to hide your shame.

  8. My pal Nick (http://twitter.com/xflansx) is the fellow at the door in the freeze frame. He is an excellent and hilarious fellow and, as far as I know, has never punched a prostitue in the face. I am going to find out if he got a lifetime supply of Schtickys for appearing in the commercial (though it kind of seems like a lifetime supply would probably just be one Schicky).

  9. Wow, what a sham. #punsmydadwouldmake

  10. Is a schticky supposed to be about a penis? I don’t even know what that implies about schticky notes.

  11. i’m less concerned with how he’s talking because i’m focused on why he is walking like gollum

    NEW COMMERCIAL OUT NOW! The Schticky Lint Roller, product created by Lindsey Brooks CEO Boardwalk Brand and Ingo Von Stein CEO of Euroshine INC. This is a cool new reusable lint roller set that is able to not only remove hair, dirt, dust and lint from clothing, but also from furniture, car interiors and your favorite black pants. Its secret is the silicone and rubber that it is made from that causes the material to be sticky when dry but then when all the lose debris is picked up you simply run it under a tap and then towel dry it and it becomes sticky again and again and again. Log onto our website buyschtickynow.com and go to you tube to watch the new commercial http://youtu.be/NkaM-89cohM . Lindsey and Ingo hired Vince to peddle the product nationwide almost a year ago, and after much research and effort the product has been brought to life. Join our official facebook and twitter to show your support!

  13. How creepy can you get. I wouldnt even accept free halloween candy from this guy.

  14. This is the kind of video schools make kids watch to learn about stranger danger. Kids, what do you do when a man exposes his schticky? Run to the nearest hooker who will beat him to submission until the cops arrive.

  15. Who needs darts when you can just toss your Schticky at the wall?

    • That was the worst part. And as for unwanted guests…. what? You throw it at them? Your bug infested home drives them away? They’re put off by your enthusiasm over a lint roller? Oy indeed.

  16. my only reaction to this was “don’t you dare touch those Barcelona chairs with that lint roller!” Also, why are there Barcelona chairs in that first shot? what is this, mad men?


  17. The real genius is that this video shows a man rubbing his Schticky behind a shedding pussy, yet it’s safe to watch at work. Can we at least now upgrade this guy to a new bluetooth headset without the obtrusive mic?

  18. I thought his next product would be Prostitute Mittens so their blows land softer on your face, but OK.

  19. i had to actually google the item cuz the first few times i saw the commercial i thought it was a joke, i didnt think it was even a real item. but yeah, the voice is something aweful

  20. Beware the website(s). They do not give you a price total for items and shipping & handling before placing your order. The moment you put your credit card info and hit “Order now” on the front page, your order is placed for $33.85. Sham, bam, bamina. Same thing happens for the “Sticky Buddy” clone website.

  21. This is what he does with all his extra “Schticky’s” – bitly.com/Hpm9eG LOL

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