There was a time when men would eye her from across the room, and make discrete inquiries into her name and social situation. There was a time when she wore flowing dresses and thought her parents were idiots and smoked unfiltered cigarettes and sat on her hands in the backseat of an automobile. There was a time when her laugh lit up the room and a hospital room was an abstract concept and the names of next year’s dance steps hadn’t even been invented yet but people in Chicago were working on it. These things don’t just go away entirely, but their shape does change. (Via RatsOff.)

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  2. is that this lady?

  3. Gabe, this post is truly this generation’s “Copacabana,” which makes you this generation’s Barry Manilow.

    Looks like you made it.

  4. everyday she shufflin’

  5. “What have you got to say?”


  6. If it weren’t for this website, I would never have heard this song, I guess we all must make sacrifices.

  7. i suddenly feel the urge to go to six flags.

  8. It’s gotten to a point where there’s no need for me to click play on these videos. I glance at the screencap, look at the description and ninety-five percent of the time, it’s exactly what I imagine it to be.

    I just saved four minutes and twenty-six seconds which I can use to comment on the Internet about the time I save by not needing to watch these videos. And what are you doing with your time, SHEEPLE?

  9. She was born in a barn at the end of the last century and she died filming an LMFAO dance video for YouTube. She was an astronaut.

  10. A coworker of mine who is a little bit older (45?) and is on the softball team said, “I see the ball coming, and my brain still knows exactly what to do, and it tells my body. But to my surprise, my body just doesn’t get there in time. That’s aging.”

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  12. I really enjoyed your commentary for this video, Gabe. That is all.

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