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So as we all know, Chris Gethard, the New King Of Authors, has recently been taking Twitter requests (#GethardKingofAuthors) to call out different authors in promotion of his new book, A Bad Idea I’m About To Do. And the results have been very good. In this week’s giveaway, you’ll have the chance to win not only a signed copy of that book, which comes out January 10th, but also YOUR OWN call out video, in which Chris will call you out based on your Videogum comment history! BOOM! Did your head explode?

In order to win:

  1. Login to Videogum with your Videogum account.
  2. Comment calling out an author of your choosing.

Comments must be submitted here by logging in with your Videogum account by Thursday, January 12th, 6PM EST. As always please only comment once, and a winner will be chosen at random. GREAT!

Comments (50)
  1. William Faulkner was FIIIIIIRST!!!!

  2. Gwyneth Paltrow.

  3. Chris Gethard

  4. Wait, we’re supposed to write the actual call out, right? Not just name the author. Like: L.Ron Hubbard: most of his novels are pretty good with aliens and cool space ships and whatnot. But that one Dianetics? Too many big words, and the plot is, like, totally unbelievable. No one would ever believe that there are souls in volcanos, or that you can solve your problems by holding on to tin cans and paying all your money to some fucked up organization where people wear sailor suits and shit. I just didn’t believe it at all.

    Like that, right?

  5. The celebrated YA author and vlogger John Green, whose latest, The Fault in Our Stars, drops the same day as the good Mr. Gethard’s

  6. Ambrose Bierce is a jerk.

  7. I’m calling out Shakespeare. That’s right. What’s up with that guy? How about writing a play in ENGLISH? All ‘thou’ this, and ‘thee’ that. Who talks like that? And seriously, no stage directions? We have to infer all action from the dialogue? Oh, and you’re too good to have actual women acting in your plays, huh Shakespeare? Juliet’s gotta’ be a man, right? Who does that? How sexist can you be? So yeah, consider yourself called out, Willy. Oh, and also, I visited your house in England it was was lame.

  8. Dan Brown sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Stephenie Meyer, need I say more.

  10. Youtube user easternarchitecture says it best in his comment on that youtube video:

    “shakespeare that bro needs to be taught a lesson. the bard? more like the fart”

    So uh if I win give my prize to him also give him a Pulitzer. I tried for like 10 mins to think of a better Shakespeare joke and failed.

  11. what’s the lady’s name that wrote eat, pray, love?

  12. Gabe Delahaye! What a piece of shit!

  13. Yo Webster, ur words ain’t bond!

  14. Hey, Todd Burpo, your dumb kid said heaven is for real but kids don’t know shit, so shut up.

  15. R.L. Stine, some of your premises were pretty flimsy!

  16. Jonathan “I use ALL the words” Franzen

  17. Cormac McCarthy just wants to make you sad, and he will hurt everyone you love to get there, he don’t care.

    I mean, he’s no Nicholas Sparks, that’s for sure.

  18. Judy Blume. Try it.

  19. David Foster Wallace: Your book is suuuuper duper long! I will probably never finish it, not because I don’t like it, but just because my fingers will fall off from turning so many pages.

    • *But, also, bandannas? Really? And chewing tobacco? Really? What is this, Henry James’ Deliverance? Those working class affects at once ground your persona outside the Ivory Tower, whatever that phallic concept is “supposed” “to mean,” but then also those affects ARE AFFECTS that serve to highlight your Ivory Towerness as evidenced by your dense, tangled, brainy prose and so what we’re left with is an emptiness that can only be created by empty symbols. Anyway, your books are really interesting and great both because of and despite your excesses.

  20. Blanche Knott. Author of the Truly Tasteless Jokes books of the 80s.

  21. Yo, Stephen King…um…I just read Bag of Bones. It was aiight. Want to hang out sometime?

  22. I would like to call out Gabe and Kelly, because I won this contest a long time ago ( which I found out while I was googling my own name and nobody ever give me anything! And I sent an email about it and nobody answered. Boom, called out.

  23. CHARLAINE HARRIS PLEASE (sookie stackhouse..ahem)

    I will also take ANNE RICE.


  24. J.R.R. Tolkien. Dude, I’m really sorry, but you managed to so excellently write “The Hobbit” and yet so poorly write “LOTR” that I could not only not finish it but also fell asleep 3 times watching the first movie it inspired, which is my maximum number of times to give a movie before throwing in the towel. And what a boring towel it was to throw in. As a giant self- and other-proclaimed nerd, this pains me to do, but I must and I did. Sorries.

  25. Jane Austen.

    Your novels might be charming and witty, but they’re also filled with snobs with too much money and leisure. All women are only interesting when they are single and all single women must marry. This modern single lady must put aside her progressive ways of thinking in order to enjoy your books, but what a great joy they are when she succeeds!

  26. Charlotte Bronte.
    Because reading Jane Eyre was the worst.

  27. Jamie Bennett.

    I don’t care you bothered to learn Portuguese to bang your housekeeper; or, that you were portrayed by Colin Firth, or, that you are fictitious. You are a character in the film “Love Actually”, and that’s virtually unforgivable.

  28. That guy who wrote “Detroit and the Kid.”

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    • I would like to call out all writers who are not Tony Paker. This dude just GETS IT. And yeah he may plagiarize a line or two, and sure he butchers the shit out of the English language, but his message is love. If you’re rich. Or something. I don’t really know, he is kind of confusing.

  30. I’m calling out Katherine Chloé Cahoon. Read her book. Still don’t have a European boyfriend.

  31. Harper Lee the QUITTER

  32. I’m calling out the unimaginative hacks behind Guinness World Records 2012. Longest nails? Biggest yarn ball? If you are going to come up with pointless lies at least come up with some good records, like most Steve Winwood photoshops.

  33. It’s like uh, ok Cormac Mccarthy, WE GET IT, jeez.

  34. I love Shel Silverstien. He always has had such an unique way of storytelling. Especially with his cartoons. they bring his work to a whole another level.

  35. Oh but, Chris Gethard I just wanted to let you know that you are extremely handsome and you are ridiculously hilarious. I’m sure I would love reading your new book as soon as i can! :)


  37. I cannot believe no one has mentioned TUCKER MAX yet? If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

  38. Cory Doctorow: You are a self-righteous asshole, and your books are not only boring and delusional, they could potentially be dangerous to society, if anybody actually paid attention to the things you write.

  39. I want to call out Danica McKellar. I mean, sure, I guess it’s cool to write books telling girls it’s okay to be smart or whatever, but yo, you used to shit all over Kevin sometimes and that was pretty fucked up.

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