All I can think about is how proud Ross would be if he could see this right now. (Via Smithsonian.)

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  1. if this girl were actually smart, she would tell her dad to take his gloves off, he’s inside now.

  2. Man, this could be the one that finally goes viral. I’d better put my hand in the frame so people can see my sweet gloves.

  3. I don’t really have anything clever or useful to add. That was just pretty great and adorable.

    I don’t know which group are the ones that are trying to sabotage me; the children that make me not want to have kids, or the children that make me want to.

    • There are two identical children guarding two identical doors. One door leads to happiness and the other to regret. The child guarding the regret door always tells a lie, and the one guarding the happiness door always tells the truth…


        Sometimes I’ll be driving and I’ll think of this riddle and try and remember how I got it right once, and it’s IN Labyrinth, and I just cannot get it.

        In conclusion, I HATE THIS RIDDLE.

        • Ask one what the other would say and do the opposite. YOU’RE WELCOME.

          • See- that still doesn’t work for me! I’ve thought that before! let me try it out.

            Let’s say that the Lie Door is the safe route.

            I ask the Lie Door “Will the other door say your way is safe?”
            The Lie Door will lie, “No, that door will say my way is not safe.”
            (The Truth Door WOULD say it was safe, had I asked it, but I didn’t)

            So by doing the opposite and going through a door I was just told the other Door would say is unsafe, I am thereby making the correct decision.

            Now let me rewind and ask the Truth Door.
            Me: “Hey Door, will the other door say your way is safe?”
            Truth Door: “Yes, it would say that.”
            . . .!!!
            Holy shit! It works.

            FUCK YOU, Helping Hands!

      • I know this one, always to through the other door.

  4. I feel like the kid on the box is going to steal my soul.

  5. This is almost identical to the discussion I have with my children anytime we encounter a *Bratz* doll.

    Right down to the, “Well… They got the beak right, I guess…”

  6. I’m glad she chose to stay vigilant and go check the other ones. What if they mislabeled an Allosaurus as a Tyranosaurus? Someone needs to fact-check these toy companies.

  7. I can’t wait for the response video where they reveal to this little girl that dinosaur fossils are actually God and the Devil playing tricks on all of us to test our faith. They’re not even real.

  8. Trust me, don’t try to watch an episode of Denver the Last Dinosaur with her.

  9. “STFU, Stella.”

  10. At what point do we introduce her and Riley the Paleontologist so they can date and fall in love and marry and discover new dinosaurs?

  11. I, for one, would like to see a Tiny Dancer expert instead.

  12. “Don’t forget, I am the best dinosaur.”

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    • And the winner is…. old man fatima! Congratulations! You just won Spam-Bingo!

      Your prize is the first image that comes up when you Google search “Spam Bingo”.

  14. She’s totally going to be that pretentious prat who constantly tells you how wrong you are about everything.

  15. Would you hold this for a second? I need to make sure the others are correct.

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