• Mila Kunis is the new face of Dior! It doesn’t really matter or mean anything to any of us in any way, but isn’t she great? She is just the greatest. Remember how drunk and drugged up her character got in Black Swan and then how PERFECT she was at ballet the next morning? Do you think that was a true story? -Celebuzz
  • Benedict Cumberbatch, of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and the BBC’s Sherlock, is going to be in the nextStar Trek movie and is maybe going to play a villain or maybe not a villain! One thing about entertainment news is that it is always very precise. That’s what’s nice about it. -FilmDrunk
  • The lineup for the new season of Celebrity Apprentice was announced. Want to see it? Why not. Have a look. Oh, want to guess at who might be on it first? That’s fun! That’s a fun thing, you should do that. -BWE
  • The one thing I took from this list of movies that people assume were flops that actually did really well at the box office is, uhhh, people think Hook was a flop?! Everybody saw that movie! And doesn’t everybody like it? Do people not like Hook? GUYS? -io9
  • Apparently Kristen Bell dressed up as a Hunger Games for her 30th birthday. Which…sounds…nice? Do people dress up as fictional characters for their birthdays usually? Because that sounds great, honestly. I wish that were a thing that people did OUTSIDE of Hollywood, where I imagine they all do it every year. -Moviefone
  • Uhh so, now Neil Patrick Harris was on The Price Is Right? What is even going on over there? Are they trying to get more people to watch The Price Is Right? Because I’m pretty sure the exact amount of people who watch it now are going to be the people who watch it forever and ever. -TheDailyWhat
  • Here’s a wonderful little story about a lost and found extra-large ET doll that police thought was a dead body when they had to pull it out of the water. A nonstop joyride from beginning to end! -Dlisted
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  1. Kristen Bell is only 30? is this one of those things where it’s her fifth 30th birthday haha we all love ya Kris?

    • From the article: “For her 30th birthday two summers ago, ‘House of Lies’ star Kristen Bell went all out to show her ‘Games’ love — up to and including dressing up like Katniss Everdeen. ”

      Breaking news! From two summers ago!

  2. Rad links. But the question is, are they rad enough? Only time will tell.

  3. I am honestly amazed that Tia Carrere hasn’t been on The Celebrity Apprentice before now.

  4. Aaaaa!!! Star Trek + Sherlock guy = HowlongdoIhavetowaitforthismovie?

  5. I don’t suppose if I made a reference to Captain Martin Crieff anyone would get it? #nerdylorryradiogumreference

  6. Can we make costume parties a “thing” for birthdays? I keep my birthdays since becoming an adult as low-key/funded by me as possible but I desperately love costume parties! I want to be Katniss on my birthday!

  7. Remember when Wilmer Valderrama was at least the second most famous person on That 70s Show? That was weird.

  8. When I was five my family dressed up as the Muppets on New Year’s Eve. I was really young so I assumed this was normal. “You know, like when your whole family dresses up in costumes together on New Year’s Eve?” Maybe Kristen Bell’s family used to dress up as Muppets on her birthday, is what I’m saying.

    In case you’re wondering, my dad was Kermit, my sister was Miss Piggy, my brother was Gonzo, and I was Animal. I can’t remember what my mom was because it was twenty years ago and I can’t believe I’m old enough to talk about things that happened twenty years ago.

    • I once dressed up like a Doozer for Halloween. No one was too thrilled to see me in only my construction helmet, tool belt and boots. I hadn’t heard about Burning Man, where that manner of dress would most likely be lauded and accepted.

      In fact, what am I saying? There have probably been Doozer cosplayers flitting around Burning Man since its start!

      Doozers made the first Burning Man, probably.

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  10. I refuse to believe Benedict Cumberbatch is a real name of an actual person.

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