I think we all know who the REAL First Family is in America right now. (Thanks for the tip, Seth.)

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  1. Little Orphan Kathy

  2. she failed to mention her certificate from the Barney Stinson School of Video Resumes. other than that, this woman is spotless, daggnabbit.

  3. I jumped at the :28 mark like I did when I saw that old viral video of the car driving in the countryside that ended with the scary clown. Also her terrifying air quotes remind me of the racist breast cancer girl’s awkward peace sign in that they both are too long and slow.

    • About 40 seconds in I thought “Wow, she’s about to come out of my computer screen.” And then the video ended and I got a call from Kathy Peterson saying I have 7 days to live.

  4. so THAT’S how you do air quotes…

  5. Is Dale Peterson that cop who’s being played by Rob Lowe in a Lifetime movie? Don’t open the garage door, Kathy!

  6. At first I was, like, “Where’s the gun?” But Dale was holding it for her the whole time! Those two really give a rip about Alabama!

  7. I was actually semi-impressed with this ad for the first minute, thinking she seems like a smart lady. Then the 1:00 mark hit and she started talking about the EPA. oof. the crazy reared its head.

  8. More like Hay-Baleouts! (for the Alpacas)

  9. How is being anti-environment a viable public position for some people? It’s really baffling. I feel like if she saw me take out the recycling she’d call me a faggot.

  10. I wonder if threatening teenagers who have messed with her yard signs is the best way to close out a public office ad…

  11. This just wasn’t planned or executed well. Their tone is way too aggressive, and the fact that they keep getting closer and closer to the cameraman as he backs further away from the car just adds to the feeling that you are being attacked as you watch it. You could cut out all of the dialog and re dub it with someone yelling at their neighbor because their dog keeps getting in their prized radish patch, and you wouldn’t have to change anything about the video.

    They need to make campaign commercials and then play them for people that don’t understand the language and then ask them if they agree with the person’s message. But what do I know…

  12. Looks like Kathy has got the llama vote locked down.

  13. i’m so glad that he’s got that gun right there, because i want to use it to shoot myself in the face.

  14. Good thing she wasn’t holding a martini when she did those air quotes.

  15. I wish my wife and I could wear the same jeans.

  16. Dale’s contribution is so much better if you imagine him saying “motherfucker” at the end of every clause.

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